Sichuan man killed his wife while he was sleeping and later called the police that his wife was missing

 Sichuan man killed his wife while he was sleeping and later called the police that his wife was missing

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The inside story of Hangzhou womens disappearance case exposed 137 wives disappear every day

Today, I want to talk about a 53 year old lady from Hangzhou who was worried about by netizens recently. Her case of disappearing at home late at night has attracted wide attention.

People are also actively helping to analyze where the lady who only wore a suspender nightdress that is not suitable for going out, no mobile phone, no wallet and no key will go?

On July 23, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau announced that she had been killed.

At 20:59 last night, when the results were officially announced on the Internet, a lot of peoples hearts were aching.

We have been waiting for 18 days, but what we are waiting for is a wish for the dead to rest in peace~

What killed the lady was a terrible marriage.

At that time, shortly after the disappearance case was exposed on the Internet, netizens speculated that the disappearance of Ms. Lai had something to do with her husband Xu.

Now, Hangzhou public security released a message saying: husband Xu is suspected of committing a major crime and has taken criminal coercive measures.

The net of heaven is great, but it does not leak.

Although we had expected it for a long time, people didnt feel the joy of pay for each other in their hearts. They still felt like a thorn in their hearts. They could not breathe for a long time in the case of the murder of the lady.

u201cItsalwaysthehusbandu2026u201d Its not just an American line. According to the United Nations report, 92% of women die at the hands of intimate partners.

Yesterday (23rd) microblog hot search, entertainment news carnival, mixed with a suffocating heavy reality:

Husband and wife close to each other

When she came home at 17:03 on July 4 (Saturday), 53 year old lady Lai left her last image in the elevator monitor.

Since then, the story of Lady Lai is like a parallel space staggered. Our time is still linear, and her trace is erased from the lively world by an invisible hand.

On the morning of July 6 (Monday), the person in charge of the unit called Xu because she was absent from work without any reason.

In the evening, Xu called her closest eldest daughter (born with her ex husband) to inquire about the situation. During 19:00-20:00 that night, a talent began to call the police.

The eldest daughter and nephew of Ms. Lai have been actively searching for Ms. Lai through Internet communication since they learned of her disappearance, which has expanded the influence of the whole case.

In fact, as early as yesterday, before Hangzhou public security issued the first notice, many people on the Internet had suspected Xu: as a husband, facing the strange disappearance of the man beside his pillow, how could he be so calm?

After all, the disappearance of Lady Lai is really strange

u00b7When missing, she was wearing a brown suspender nightdress, whether she was wearing shoes and coat or not could not be 100% sure;

u00b7The key, mobile phone, wallet and ID card were not taken away;

u00b7There was no sign of the lady leaving the building in the surveillance video.

With the disclosure of more details, speculation about the case is brewing on the Internet (the following part is network analysis, the actual situation is subject to the latest first notice of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau)

On July 17, Ms. Lai disappeared for 12 days.

On the same day, a mysterious post appeared in huaban group 7. A netizen predicted the result of the ladys disappearance with Qimen dunjia: she had been killed, buried under the earth, and would be found on the 22nd.

On July 18, Ms. Lai disappeared for 13 days.

Hangzhou Fuyang wild wolf search and rescue team leader and a security design staff said that some of the path in the community is the existence of monitoring blind area.

On July 20, Ms. Lai disappeared for 15 days

There is only one 11 year old daughter in the family. She said she didnt hear any strange noise at home on the night of her disappearance, and told reporters through the door, grandma told her not to open the door.

On July 21, Ms. Lai disappeared for 16 days

Not only did the lady find her grandmothers daughter, but also she didnt find her grandmother.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on the Internet. Yang thinks that whether the little daughter has a grandmother is just a small misunderstanding in the whole complicated case.

At that time, many Internet Celebrities came to record videos around the ladys house. The little daughter said that her grandmother could not open the door, which might just be a kind reminder from a kind-hearted old lady in the community.

On July 23, Ms. Lai disappeared for 18 days

With the release of this news (rumor), the Internet has exploded!

At the same time, there is also a confusion behavior on the Internet: many people even went to Qimen dunjias post to leave messages and make wishes.

Is this behavior really different from eating human blood steamed bread? Sheep believe that the act of wishing is a numb expression of awe for the lack of a foundation for life.

And, can blood stained Koi really bring good luck?

Unexpectedly, the police immediately came out to refute the rumors!

Event reversal, those who are still making a wish should not be slapped in the face too fast.

Even if the rumor has been refuted, there are still many people who firmly believe that the refutation by the police is only part of the story, which does not mean that the whole incident of Lady Lais body found in the septic tank is false.

The Internet is constantly emerging a lot of details of the case rumors (not confirmed)

How to flush most of the body tissue into the septic tank through the toilet? It would be frightening to speculate.

(eat melon carefully, unconfirmed)

In any case, the result of Ms. Lais unfortunate death has already been achieved. From then on, there was another star in the sky.

At present, the main speculation about the motive of killing is that her husband Xu lost his righteousness because of his wealth.

Ms. Lai and her second husband were in love for the first time, but they didnt succeed in their youth.

Later, Ms. Lais first marriage was relatively happy, and she had a daughter with her ex husband. But in this marriage, Ms. Lai lent Xu the money that belonged to the common property of the husband and wife.

Xu did not pay, which indirectly led to the divorce of Ms. Lai and her ex husband.

Later, Ms. Lai married Xu, and they had a daughter, the little daughter mentioned above.

Ms. Lai should be a woman who pays attention to saving. She not only has a 7-digit deposit in her account, but also does cleaning work after retirement (monthly salary is 4000).

At the same time, because of the demolition, Ms. Lai has three sets of real estate, one is a 50 square meter resettlement house (the crime site), one is about 180 square meters of demolition income, and one is under decoration of 120 square meters of real estate.

A few days before Ms. Lais disappearance, the two had an argument. The reason is that Xu has two sons with his ex-wife, and the eldest one is suitable for marriage.

Xu hoped that Ms. Lai could transfer the 120 square meter house to her eldest son for marriage, but she refused.

If it is really because of the loss of justice due to wealth, it will make people feel cold! Xu is really a real Zhang Dongsheng

In recent years, cases of wife killing are frequent. Yang found the motive behind such cases sorted out by netizens in recent years

Miss Lais disappearance reminds sheep of the killing of his wife in Thailand two years ago.

Speaking of this extremely cruel case, two years later, many people still remember.

On October 29, 2018, Tianjin man Zhang Yifan killed his wife Zhang Xiaojie in a swimming pool in front of his 1-year-old daughter in a hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand.

In many marriages where wife killing cases broke out, men as husbands do not respect women from the bottom of their hearts. In their eyes, wives are not wives, but pawns to achieve their goals.

This purpose can be money or having children, but it is definitely not to form a family. Some clues can be seen from the interview with Xu

Even at this time, Xu knew that lady Lai had passed away, but he couldnt help saying: with her IQ...

Does not have the work Xu Mou, the intelligence quotient wants to be higher than the monthly income 8000 yuan (work + retirement salary) to the lady to be higher? I dont believe it!

If a person, even the basic social survival ability, law-abiding ability are not, then what is the IQ level!

Those men who dont respect women seem to be born PUA masters.

Remember the United Nations report at the beginning?

If the netizens analysis of Xus murder motive (for the eldest sons wedding room) is true, then this is another tragedy in Qis patriarchal environment.

Have you seen the movie blind mountain?

The girl drowns and the boy stays. In the bachelors village for generations, its obviously population trading and rape, but it can say from the heart: who is married, not married? Who to have children with, not birth?

Materializing women is the source of all evil.

Im dead. Please dont have such a tragedy again.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The suspect in the case of killing his wife once threatened his ex-wife not to agree to divorce. His wife killing case is a very generous man who takes his wife and daughter back to his hometown every year. He is very generous. The man who killed his wife in Hangzhou once lost his temper when interviewed by a reporter. Source: Li Chao, editor in charge of the Beijing News_ NB12814