Li Xiaomeng unexpectedly wears a high-end beauty in a tiger skin suspender skirt?

 Li Xiaomeng unexpectedly wears a high-end beauty in a tiger skin suspender skirt?

The suspender skirt can also make the shape full of cool feeling, showing Li Xiaomengs exquisite clavicle, small dew fragrant shoulder, full of feminine flavor. Although usually Li Xiaomeng is soft and cute, but now she is full of imperial sister faner, which is really more and more SA.

The corset design dress can highlight the line sense, let her show a strong feminine flavor. The position of the waistline can enhance the center of gravity of the shape, making Li Xiaomeng tall and thin. At the same time, her ant waist is also displayed, which makes her graceful and graceful.

The suspender skirt belongs to a very sexy dress skirt. Compared with the elegant and simple of the pure color dress, the shape of the tiger skin pattern is more outward and publicized. It can show the charm of mature women incisively and vividly. Li Xiaomeng combs a neat braid with a metal collar, which is beautiful and salty! Love! Although Li Xiaomengs chest is relatively flat, but this figure wearing suspenders is particularly high-level, anyway, it gives people a kind of wild and elegant beauty, which is very good-looking.

Mermaid is dreamy and beautiful, which is a color that everyone cant refuse. Li Xiaomeng, dressed in a pink Mermaid Dress, is dazzling, just like a mermaid princess in the deep sea. The dress is designed as a neck hanging style, which can highlight the soft aesthetic feeling more than the general sling modeling. At the same time, this design can also show her slim back and optimize the head to shoulder ratio. It shortens the shoulder width visually, which is especially practical for the fairies with shoulder width. Li Xiaomeng combs her hair with exquisite hair, showing a full of ladys flavor and foreign style and high-level u3002

Li Xiaomeng painted a dark, smoky makeup, wearing a long black tassel skirt, as if she was a spirit in the shadow, cold and uninhibited. After adding tassel elements to the position of the skirt, it is not only charming and conspicuous, but also can modify the lines, so that the legs are indistinct and have great aesthetic feeling. The hollowed out design of the waist vaguely shows her small waist, with the neat high horse tail, the cool queen dominates the stage.

The suspender is fresh and not greasy. It is very suitable for summer. Many people will combine it with trousers. It has a sweet style and a little sexy. It can kill two birds with one stone. Its worth noting that Li Xiaomengs suspender is made of denim fabric. Although she has a lot of skin exposed, it doesnt feel gaudy. It can also let her show her figure secretly. The whole shape is pure and royal. It also shows her charming right angle shoulder and small waist. A retro hat with net yarn shows more literature and art and romantic feeling. Its really beautiful and intoxicating.

I didnt expect that the lovely fairy can be so cool and hip-hop with dirty braids. At this time, she has a unique personality and completely walks in the front line of the trend. Compared with the previous models, she is no longer dark and gentle. She is wearing white sports style, showing her natural and elegant style. The printed coat pattern is very childlike. It was originally a full of aging feeling and open After opening and wearing, it looks very domineering. It is simple and lively with a white base coat inside. The wide leg pants with binding feet can be free and easy in shape, but not fat. When you step on white sports shoes, you can become a stage king who is both sweet and sweet.