Throw away the rustic hairpin these several kinds of heart machine accessories super good-looking!

 Throw away the rustic hairpin these several kinds of heart machine accessories super good-looking!

Especially in summer, the exposed skin area is large, and most of the items are simple basic ones. Accessories become an essential eye-catching tool, and small details can make you more brilliant.

According to different styles, it is divided into four categories, fairies come to have a look, which one do you like?!

This years hot large intestine hair circle, pretty girl group wind is really good-looking, Liya also started a lot, fairies get cant be wrong!

To create a sense of age reduction, the ponytail must be tied high. The fluffy high skull top not only increases vitality, but also shows small face. The choice of color and style can echo with the modeling items, and add points for beauty.

The large intestine hairband can also be used as a bracelet to wear on the wrist, which can be cute and fashionable.

If you want to play tender, you cant miss the eye-catching color system, and decorate your hair and clothes in a small area, just to increase the look highlights.

Bowknot is also one of the youth elements, pure color retro sweet, grid pastoral fresh, pick their favorite on OK.

The fairy with strong practical ability can try DIY, which is also a good experience.

For example, you can try necklaces to fill the gap in the neckline and trim the neck, which is much better.

If you want more moisture, the necklace strap is very suitable, different length collocation, more prominent thin clavicle. Another sense of hierarchy can visually extend the neck line, there is a certain cosmetic effect.

Small round neck piece, can also be matched with exquisite necklace, the formation of V-shaped geometry can break the compact feeling of the neckline and reduce the burden on the upper body.

Earrings are also one of the accessories that cant be ignored. Choose a small shape and show your fashionable taste when you casually lift your hair.

Ear line is the gospel of the round face fairy. Its unique drooping feeling can stretch the length of the face visually, making the face thinner and smaller.

With a dress and white shirt, its durable and comfortable, showing great temperament.

This years Retro craze is really hot!

Cant help, noble elegant charm, durable high-level texture, who can not love?

Pearl hairpin + French wave roll, side clip side, intellectual elegant fan immediately came up, romantic goddess fan, beautiful index five stars.

Silk products are also a good helper to show elegance.

Its easy to tie on the low ponytail. Its gentle and smart. Its very charming. Its tied between the neck. Its decorated. The basic piece becomes interesting. There are a lot of patterns to share with fairies next time.

Boxing braided hair + ring buckle clip, gentle and sweet with strength, one rigid and one soft, beautiful just fine.

When watching the Ido stage, many of the singing costumes will have iron chain accessories, so that the solid color pieces are full of details. In an instant, they will become foreign style and blow up.

The milk sweet milk sweet Nabi, after the wide hair band blessing, is also a second high street girl.

However, this kind of hair band has higher requirements on the delicacy of facial features. Liya suggests wearing it after making up, which will be more stylish.

If punk style is too strong, it will become rural non mainstream, not suitable for daily wear. Fairies should pay attention to the combination of simplicity and complexity when matching.

Different styles, with different accessories, you can add points to the modeling if you choose the right one, so that the temperament can go to a higher level.