Hype Sino Russian threat, British media said the government amended the treason law

 Hype Sino Russian threat, British media said the government amended the treason law

The threat posed by Chinas activities in the fields of trade, cyber security, immigration and intellectual property rights is growing, and the Department of homeland security is at the forefront of addressing this threat, Wolfe said in a statement. The role of the Department of Homeland Security in curbing malicious activities in China has never been more important or timely.

The statement also listed a series of recent actions taken by the U.S. Department of homeland security, including cooperating with local governments at all levels to deal with Chinas false information propaganda, taking action against illegal Chinese manufacturers using the epidemic situation, confiscating more than 1 million virus detection reagents banned by the U.S. Food and drug administration and 750000 forged masks, refusing We will not allow high-risk Chinese graduate students with a visa to enter the country, intercept illegal fentanyl and other synthetic drugs from China.

This is not the first U.S. Congress and executive branch to have the word China in it. According to the Washington Post, on May 7, McCarthy, the Republican leader of the US House of Representatives, announced the establishment of the Republican China task force to deal with Chinas challenges to the United States at all levels.. The panel, which is composed of 15 Republican legislators, is responsible for coordinating the different legislative strategies of China. In addition, according to Global Times reporters, there are two special committees in the U.S. Congress involving China, one is the Congress executive China Committee (hereinafter referred to as CECC), and the other is the US China Economic and Security Review Committee (USCC). Among them, CECC was established in October 2000, CO chairman of Republican Anti China Senator Rubio. The legal function of the Commission is to monitor the development of the rule of law and human rights in China, and submit an annual report to the president and Congress of the United States every year. USCC was also established in October 2000. Its function is to observe, supervise and investigate the impact of the current situation and development of bilateral economic and trade relations between the United States and China on the national security interests of the United States. At a regular press conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 13, spokesperson Hua Chunying responded to the US intervention in Chinas internal affairs through the Xinjiang issue and announced that China would implement corresponding sanctions against the United States CECC from now on. In addition, the U.S. Department of justice set up a special China Action Plan project in response to the so-called espionage activities in 2018.

In an interview with a Global Times reporter on the 26th, Lu Xiang said that in the US Congress and the executive branch, the organizations named working group or task force are temporary and generally not permanent. Lu Xiang said that CECC and USCC of the United States are not executive departments, but they have the power to investigate and make recommendations, which will have a direct impact on legislation. And the China task force set up by the House Republicans is a pure grass-roots group, without any legal meaning. In addition to the above-mentioned group or committee for China, the major agencies in the United States, whether they are the Department of defense or the State Department, already have permanent departments for China. Do not neglect the standing departments because of the new working groups, which are more important. Lu Xiang said.

Lu Xiang also pointed out that the establishment of the China working group by the trump government in the Ministry of homeland security is highly hostile. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is an agency established after the September 11 terrorist attacks to be responsible for the security of the United States. It involves a narrow concept of security, which has nothing to do with China. He said that the move of the trump administration is the latest manifestation of its so-called whole government response to China. Lu Xiang told the global times that in recent years, from a series of speeches made by US Attorney General Barr and Defense Secretary esper, to Secretary of state pompeio, and then to the US Department of Homeland Security listing China as an important threat, we can see that the United States is taking intensive measures to make all departments concentrate their firepower on China. On the surface, this is the whole government policy adopted by the trump government in response to the so-called China threat. In fact, it is the whole government election strategy adopted by the trump government to reverse the adverse election situation. On the one hand, we should take the Anti China measures of the trump administration very seriously, but at the same time, we should also see clearly that the elements that add weight to the election campaign are far greater than the actual ones. Lu Xiang said.

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