Du Feng praised Lin Shuhao: he is the key point of the Beijing team, which is really excellent

 Du Feng praised Lin Shuhao: he is the key point of the Beijing team, which is really excellent

In the closing game of this special seasons regular season, Guangdong Hongyuan defeated Beijing Shougang 101-82 and won the regular season 29 times in a row.

Guangdong team home, more Beijing fans

Yesterday was a special day for the CBA - the first open day for fans.

The match between Guangdong Hongyuan and Beijing Shougang has 112 fans. According to the information previously announced by CBA League, these fans include staff of Qingdao mobile, doctors, teachers, public security personnel and other groups who contributed to the society during the epidemic. All the fans were seated across a seat, and many of them were wearing the uniforms of Beijing team and Guangdong team. It seems that they are fully prepared.

Although Qingdao fans are neutral for the Beijing Guangdong war, there are more fans in Beijing. The wonderful scene on the scene was: originally, the match was officially arranged as the home court of Guangdong Hongyuan, and the logo of South China tiger was also pasted on the floor, but the atmosphere on the scene was more like that of Beijing Shougang.

Its really good to have fans come in and watch. At last we heard other peoples voices except ourselves. But I hope to have more voices from our own fans, more fans from our home team and come to see our game, he said with a smile

Reporters interviewed at the scene also clearly felt the difference of the game. Some reporters felt that the previous games were more like practice games or teaching games. Today, with the participation of the audience (although there were only two fans in the stands), the atmosphere was completely changed.

In addition to the tit for tat players, the complete league also needs different fans from different camps. Fortunately, in the future, spectators will be further open to the game. During the playoffs, fans will buy tickets with their ID cards, fill in the ticket commitment, conduct nucleic acid testing, and enter the games with their ID cards and health codes.

This war between Beijing and Guangdong reminds people of the golden years when Beijing and Guangdong vied for hegemony in those years. After four years of three championships, Beijing Shougang has been ups and downs, and has not been able to reach the height of that year; and this season, Beijing team performance is stable, after the second round is relying on the double foreign aid combination of Lin Shuhao and Youdu, playing a wave of 11 consecutive wins.

Du Feng specially praised Lin Shuhao

This game also shows the shadow of the war between Beijing and Guangdong. The Beijing Guangdong war in those years, even if the regular season met, it would also play the intensity of the playoffs; last night, this Beijing Shougang continued their peak style, which was mainly defensive, with a lot of physical confrontation. Xie Libin, who is now leading Shougang, was also a player in the era of Beijing Guangdong competition.

The game was also full of tactical and tactical clashes. Hongyuan coach Du Feng made an unexpected lineup. He started the interior combination of Wan Shengwei and Yi Jianlian. Wan Shengwei attacked as the main attack point, which made Beijings defense difficult to adapt. Xie Libin tried to make the team use iron and blood defense to slow down the speed and rhythm of the game, and cut off the road of Guangdong teams fast counterattack.

Guangdong team had a better adjustment. At the end of half-time, Guangdong was only 7 points ahead, and by the end of the third quarter, Hongyuan had already led by 13 points. Entering the key fourth quarter, the advantage of Guangdong teams stable attack point was reflected. Zhou Peng, WEIMS and Ren Juns flywheel fans impact made Beijing team hard to cope with, and the difference reached 26 points at most.

At the end of the regular season, Guangdong won 19 points. Since the second round, we have played with Beijing Shougang and Beikong mens basketball team. These two teams are both foreign aid players with strong strength. Du Feng said after the game, and Beijing team has been winning. Its a very strong opponent for us. However, our teams input throughout the game is still good

Du Feng also specially praised Lin Shuhao: he is the key point of Beijing team, not only the score, but also the point of assists and many tactics. He is really excellent.

There is still a chance for the two teams to meet again - now Beijing ranks fourth in the league and the playoffs are in the same half. Maybe next time we meet, the game will be more exciting.