Did the cinema come back to work a week later?

 Did the cinema come back to work a week later?

The manager said that although there was no audience, it was a good thing to be able to return to work. The cinema had been forgotten for too long.

The manager is optimistic that the next step will be to provide free screening for medical staff in Hubei Province and provide preferential treatment for college entrance examination students.

The arrangement of film is not satisfactory

For many filmmakers, this theater manager represents them: although they have no income, returning to work means that they are better.

Therefore, the managers behavior has also been recognized by many netizens, and the reason is analyzed: the managers behavior is good, probably mainly because of the old movies, we have seen it.

The cinema is back to work, but there are no new films with potential blockbusters or blockbusters with huge audience base. The current film arrangement in cinemas is not very attractive to the audience.

Among the films currently on display in theaters that have returned to work, there are some new films, such as buckwheat madness, Im waiting for you at the end of time, the first parting and so on.

However, the most anticipated Spring Festival blockbusters such as Chinatown detective 3, Chinese womens volleyball team, Jiang Ziya and other spring festival blockbusters have not moved.

Some people will ask, isnt there a lot of remakes?

But! There are many reruns that can be viewed on video websites, and many viewers dont think its necessary to go to the cinema again.

Why did the Spring Festival blockbusters in 2020 not appear in the cinema layout after returning to work?

The reason is very simple. Investors must want to get the same return for big new year productions like Chinatown detective 3, Chinese womens volleyball team and Jiang Ziya.

At the early stage of the resumption of operation, there were few films per day and the attendance rate was low. In addition, some non low-risk areas were still unable to open business for the time being. Therefore, the blockbusters were still waiting and did not dare to file them easily. They wanted to choose the best time and appropriate node for release.

There is no movie that appeals to you, so you dont go to the cinema; you dont get enough people, so you dont go to the cinema.

u2014u2014Although back to work, but the film industry seems to fall into a dead circle.

Drop 70%, difficult!

From January 23, the Spring Festival archives of seven films were withdrawn, on January 24, cinemas across the country were closed down, and on July 20, cinemas officially began to work.

The cinema has been closed for 180 days. In these 180 days, no new film can be shown in cinemas; during these 180 days, no cinema has been able to obtain income; in these 180 days, no one related to the film industry can survive.

It has been a week since the cinema returned to work on July 20. When will the film market really get on track after the reunion?

In 2019, the total box office of national films will be about 64.266 billion yuan, with an average of 176 million yuan per day.

On the first Saturday (July 25) after returning to work, the national daily box office exceeded 33 million.

Although it cant be compared with the one-day box office of hundreds of millions in the past weekend, it has been a big breakthrough

On the first day of returning to work, the box office was only 3.5 million, which nearly doubled in less than a week. It is very exciting.

For most filmmakers, as long as the movie theater can be launched, it is the best news.

Since January 24, 2020, domestic cinemas have been closed for nearly six months, which has caused serious damage to the film industry chain. In the first half of 2020, the domestic box office revenue only reached 2.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 92.8%.

Due to missing the most important Spring Festival, Valentines day and May 1, the annual box office revenue will drop by about 70%.

According to the calculation of the Research Report on the living conditions of cinemas released by the China Film Association, if the box office revenue increases month by month from 30% of the first month of returning to work in the same period of 2019, if it is estimated that the return to work on July 20, the annual box office revenue will be 15 billion-20 billion yuan, which will drop by 70% - 80% compared with that in 2019.

In 2018, the film industry began to return to rationality; after going through the post-60 billion era in 2019 to the year 2020 disrupted by the epidemic situation, the upstream and downstream circles of the film industry experienced a reshuffle, moving towards a new situation in the unexpected and pattern changes.

Under the heavy pressure, the small and medium-sized cinemas with insufficient ability to resist risks have been on the verge of danger, and the phenomena such as business suspension and bankruptcy broke out.

Marginal improvements in the film industry have emerged.

From the perspective of demand - according to the survey data of the cats Eye Institute, from February to may, the audiences expectation index for returning to the cinema increased from 54% to 88%, and the publics positive emotions such as expectation and joy increased significantly.

Alipays movie search volume increased by 300% in a day after the reopening of the cinema.

In addition, in the research on the factors driving the audience to watch movies after the epidemic, the prevention and control measures of cinemas, ticket prices and new films are the top three factors to stimulate the audience to watch movies.

However, according to the notice of the national film administration, in addition to routine requirements such as disinfection, theaters should also control the attendance rate to no more than 30%, and reduce the daily film layout to half. Meanwhile, the important profit making segment of cinemas, the sale of snacks, has also been cancelled.

What worries the industry more is that film, as a form of content, is also facing a new impact.

During the outbreak of online content during the epidemic, the trend of online and offline parallel content market has become very obvious. The film market dominated by the following cinema has to face up to the existence of online distribution and online film.

During the epidemic, some people were eager for the return of cinemas, while others adapted to the lack of cinemas.

On the other hand, it is the creation of upstream content in the film industry. How many film sources does the industry have?

The impact of the epidemic on the film industry is much longer than expected, this epidemic will accelerate the structural adjustment of the whole industry. After the restart, offline assets, cinemas, film and television bases, theme parks, etc., will increase the intensity of mergers and acquisitions, and offline businesses will accelerate the integration, integration and replacement of online channels and streaming media. Wang Jianer, chairman of Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd.

There is no doubt that the film industry has carried too much in the offline sector, but with the expectation of the public, both the film layout and the flow of people will gradually recover, but it will take some time now.

The film industry has been waiting for this spring, too long.

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