Dont be happy too soon! Didbaradanilo is injured. How can Juve play in the Champions League?

 Dont be happy too soon! Didbaradanilo is injured. How can Juve play in the Champions League?

The average age of Juve is relatively old and the oldest team in Serie A. And in Serie A restart after a week of double match also makes the physical fitness problems of the Juve players. Not only that, the continuous competition also makes the injury situation of Juve become very serious.

After the restart of Serie A, desilio was injured on the defensive line. In this round of match against Sampdoria, Danilo was replaced because of head collision with opposite player Ramirez. At the end of the match, Danilo interviewed iron green, a little confused and looked like some symptoms of concussion.

In addition to the above two, Chiellini has been recovering from injuries since suffering serious injuries at the beginning of the season, and has had injury problems since his return in February this year. At present, he has only 45 minutes of playing time after the Serie A restart. De Miral, who played well from the end of December last year to the beginning of January this year, once took the place of delichts main position. However, he was seriously injured in the game against Rome and returned after a six-month truce. Although he has been included in the team list, his physical condition and competitive state are all in question.

In addition, Bonucci, the 33 year old centre back, suffered a muscle injury not long ago. Although he has started playing now, he still has some small problems. Delicht is also the main central defender of Juve, but he should have had surgery on his shoulder. He chose conservative treatment only for the Champions League in August. He is also playing with illness.

From the above analysis, with Danilos injury, only left back Sandro and the fifth defender lugani are not injured. Although guadelado can also play the right back position, but guadelado is only a guest, he is more suitable to play the offensive position of the right wing.

Full back line injury, and in the front court players, Costa and khedila are glass man physique, they are difficult to make a lasting contribution to Juve. Not only that, dibala was injured in this rounds match with samp. At the end of the first half, dibala asked to leave the game on his own initiative. In the next game, dibala touched his left thigh. Obviously, dibalas left thigh was strained.

Dibalas injury has a greater impact on Juve. He is the youngest player on Juves striker line-up, and in the 433 lineup, as a center, he is very important. Without dibalas withdrawal to get the ball, Ronaldo would return to midfield more often, which is a great challenge for the 35 year old Ronaldos physical fitness. In addition, dibalas own skill is more gorgeous, often make some fantastic moves, and once dibala cant play, the explosive point of Juves attack will disappear.

At present, Juves main task is to play well in the Champions League in August, and in the face of such injuries, Surrey is also a clever woman, and Juves journey in the Champions League will be very difficult.

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