Half year report of new coronavirus detection reagent industry

 Half year report of new coronavirus detection reagent industry

More convenient nucleic acid detection in Beijing

The epidemic situation in China tends to be stable as a whole, with occasional cases. At the beginning of June this year, Beijing Xinfadi market was detected to have a new coronavirus. In a period of time since then, there has been a certain rebound in the epidemic situation in Beijing, and the demand for nucleic acid detection has increased significantly.

On June 28, Wang Fang (pseudonym) had to leave Beijing because of an emergency. At that time, he needed to carry out nucleic acid detection before leaving Beijing. According to Wang Fangs recollection, she first consulted more than 30 of the 128 designated inspection institutions by telephone, and then went to two hospitals. Its very troublesome to call one by one, but theres no way to do it. We cant find the strategies online for a while, so we can only call one by one. Many hospitals have been busy and cant get through. Some organizations are only for the public or groups, not individuals.

After returning home, Wang Fang immediately made an online appointment. On the morning of June 29, she checked in the Third Affiliated Hospital of northern medicine, and the results were given at 7:20 p.m.

I know the result was an hour late, but there was no train to go home that night. Wang Fang felt very sorry that she finally got the report one day late and failed to go home to see the old man off.

Compared with Wang Fang, Li Li (pseudonym) at the end of June nucleic acid detection is more smooth. In order to go back to her hometown in Liaoning, Li Li needed to do a nucleic acid test. She clearly remembers that it was June 27. According to the policy at that time, Li Li did the test in Aikang Guobin. When buying train tickets, app will remind you that you need a test report when you leave Beijing. You dont need to buy a train ticket, but you need to use it when you enter the station.

According to Li Li, it is difficult to make an appointment in public hospitals, which is basically saturated. At that time, the detection point was on the open space outside a physical examination center in Aikang. Only when an appointment message was received could the line be queued. There were special personnel responsible for contacting and maintaining order. Everyone was more conscious, and the distance between people was more than 1 meter. The detection speed is also relatively fast. It took 20 minutes. Li Li said that 72 hours were promised in the product description at that time, and an electronic report was found the night after the test.

In fact, from 0:00 on July 4, personnel from low-risk areas in Beijing will no longer be required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate. On the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work conference held in Beijing on July 20th afternoon, Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of Beijing Health Committee, said that Beijing had not confirmed any new cases for 14 consecutive days. Up to now, all streets and townships in Beijing are low-risk areas.

In order to further understand the current situation of nucleic acid detection, daily economic news reporter inquired jingyitong and found that most hospitals can make appointment for the number of the same day and the next day. According to Beijing 114 appointment registration platform, there are basically numbers available for appointment on the same day or the next day. Some testing institutions have already completed their appointments in recent days, but they can also book the number for the next few days.

Testing head companys performance soared

Although the current domestic epidemic situation is stable, but from a global point of view, the demand for new crown detection is still relatively large.

The reporter of daily economic news made statistics on the A-share listed companies that mainly involved in Xinguan test. He found that the performance of many companies in the first half of the year achieved a substantial growth. The growth rate of Oriental biology, Daan gene, Huada gene and Wanfu biology was more obvious. Among them, the growth trend of Oriental biology was particularly obvious.

Oriental Bio said in its earnings forecast released on July 11 that the net profit attributable to the owners of listed companies would increase by 1294.1% in the first half of 2020. A novel coronavirus IgG/IgM antibody test novel coronavirus and a new coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR method) were developed in the first half of this year. The two products have achieved good market recognition, the listed company said.

In addition to Oriental bio, there are also a number of listed companies that are expected to increase their net profit by more than 100% in the first half of this year, significantly higher than that in the same period of 2019. For example, Huada gene predicts that the companys net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will increase by 672.83% ~ 723.35% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year; Daan gene predicts that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will increase by 924.57% ~ 1222.03% in the first half of this year.

Shengxiang biology, which has been cultivating overseas markets all year round and is breaking through the science and technology innovation board, said in its latest prospectus (Registration draft) that the company is expected to achieve operating revenue of 2.048 billion yuan in the first half of 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 1127.94%.

Daily economic news reporter noted that as the current overseas epidemic is still fermenting, from the sales situation, overseas demand is gradually increasing, the proportion of overseas sales is also increasing, and the business volume of many head companies is gradually turning to foreign countries in May and June.

BGI said that the relevant new crown detection kit has obtained the relevant qualifications and certification of the European Union, the United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Canada, and has taken the lead in entering the WHO (World Health Organization) emergency use list. By the end of the half year report period, the companys new crown testing products have covered more than 180 countries and regions around the world.

Shengxiang Bio said in the prospectus (Registration draft) that due to the gradual control of the domestic epidemic situation, the companys new coronavirus detection reagent takes the international market as the strategic focus. As of June 30, 2020, 13.8024 million copies of overseas sales have been completed, and the proportion of overseas market sales has gradually increased, reaching 56.28%, 51.30% and 67.28% in April, may and June 2020, respectively.

A novel coronavirus test reagent list was selected by the daily economic news reporter. The list of the medical materials manufacturers that obtained the foreign standard certification or registration was up to July 21st. There were 423 enterprises. In addition, novel coronavirus test reagents were obtained in July 24th as of July 24th.

In fact, previously, due to the relatively loose management standards and unclear product explanation, the export of domestic Xinguan detection reagent was complained by some regions, but the situation has been significantly improved. Fan Shaojun, senior partner of Beijing Dingchen Management Consulting Co., Ltd., believes that the detection reagents exported to foreign countries must first pass the domestic certification, the product quality can be guaranteed, and reliable enterprises can be selected for export, so as to maintain the reputation of domestic brands.

Foreign reagent demand continues to rise

According to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University on July 22, there are more than 15 million confirmed cases and more than 140000 deaths in the world. This means that in the future, the new coronavirus will also be an important element threatening human life and health.

Li Zinan believes that, relatively speaking, the domestic epidemic situation is well controlled, and the small-scale spread in some regions such as Beijing and Xinjiang has been quickly controlled. The demand for Xinguan detection reagent tends to be stable. In addition to the sharp price reduction of centralized purchase, the total market volume will gradually stabilize.

The situation in foreign countries is still relatively severe, showing the situation of spread and diffusion. The demand for new crown detection reagents continues to rise, and the whole reagent market will continue to grow at a certain speed in the future. Li said.

While the novel coronavirus pneumonia is rampant, the third party testing industry has been developing. Li Zinan said that nucleic acid testing has higher requirements for laboratory environment and the technical level of operators. Laboratories with testing qualifications, whether public hospitals or private third-party medical testing centers, carry out testing work with the same standards. The third-party Medical Laboratory Center showed the advantages of the central laboratory in this epidemic, and completed the detection work quickly with lower cost, so it has obtained certain development.

At present, the market competition of the third-party medical laboratory center has entered the second half, and some head companies have occupied a large market share, which is a great pressure for new entrants. In the future, the market of medical laboratory centers will gradually expand. Even public hospitals with laboratory conditions will also send out some testing items. The market of the whole laboratory center is sinking. It will develop slowly from the central city occupied by giants to the second and third tier cities. This is the development opportunity for some small and medium-sized test centers. Li said.

Fan Shaojun believes that the reason why the domestic new crown detection reagent sold well abroad in the first half of this year is that the western countries did not prepare well for the epidemic situation. Relatively speaking, with the passage of time, the self-test ability of western countries will recover to a certain extent, which means that the growth momentum of domestic new crown detection reagents may be limited. There is a high correlation between the performance growth rate of the third-party testing enterprises and the epidemic situation. With the epidemic situation becoming stable, the rapid growth momentum may tend to ease.

Fan Shaojun said that the epidemic is a special stage, and the third-party detection plays a complementary role in public hospital detection to a certain extent, and jointly supports the demand for detection. He believes that price, medical insurance reimbursement and the development of private hospitals are the three key factors affecting the development of third-party testing.

To promote an industrial change, it must be that the demand is long-term. If the demand is short-term, the industrial change does not change much. Fan Shaojun said frankly that in the future, the third-party detection may become an important reserve force in the national epidemic prevention and control. This epidemic situation still has an adverse effect on nucleic acid detection technology, and will significantly improve the whole research and development system, especially the ability of nucleic acid detection to adapt to the environment quickly.