Super hit the new week! Win a lot of 100000 yuan in the first signing? New crown vaccine big bull stocks are coming

 Super hit the new week! Win a lot of 100000 yuan in the first signing? New crown vaccine big bull stocks are coming

This week 11 stocks start to hit new

A total of 11 new shares have been applied for this week. Specifically, except for Tuesday, the other four trading days have applied for new shares. It is preliminarily estimated that about 470 million new shares will be issued and the total fund-raising is expected to exceed 8 billion yuan.

On July 27 (Monday), two new shares of the science and technology innovation board (Gaoce shares, Huada new materials) and one new stock of the growth enterprise market (Xiyu Tourism) were launched online.

High test company: mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of cutting equipment and cutting consumables for high hard and brittle materials. The companys products are mainly used in silicon wafer manufacturing of photovoltaic industry. At the same time, based on the core technology independently developed, the company is continuously developing new products to promote the industrial application of diamond wire cutting technology in the processing of photovoltaic silicon materials, semiconductor silicon materials, sapphire materials, magnetic materials and other high hard and brittle materials.

Huada new materials: always adhere to the deep-seated steel processing industry, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of multi-functional color coated sheet, hot-dip galvanized aluminum sheet and its substrate.

Western Region Tourism: Xinjiangs first joint-stock tourism development enterprise approved by the peoples Government of the autonomous region is also a large state-owned holding enterprise engaged in comprehensive tourism development in Xinjiang. Mainly engaged in tourism passenger transport, mountain cableway, cruise ship and hot spring hotel and other tourism services companies.

On July 29 (Wednesday), two new shares of the science and technology innovation board (yihuatong and Minxin) and two new shares of the main board (Huafeng and Tianzheng electric) were started to be purchased.

Yihuatong: mainly engaged in the R & D and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell engine, which is considered as the first share of hydrogen energy.

Sensitive chip Co., Ltd.: a semiconductor chip design company focusing on the research and development and sales of MEMS sensors. At present, its main product lines include MEMS microphone, MEMS pressure sensor and MEMS inertial sensor.

Huafeng: its main business is the R & D, manufacturing and sales of diesel generators, core parts and intelligent generator sets, as well as comprehensive operation and maintenance services of power facilities such as communication base station generator sets.

Tianzheng Electric: mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of low-voltage electrical products such as distribution appliances, control appliances, terminal appliances, power appliances, instrument appliances, etc.

Hongbai new materials: its main business is the R & D, production and sales of new silicon-based materials such as functional silane, nano silicon materials and other chemical additives, which is a functional silane in China.

Shijia Photonics: focusing on optical communication industry, its main business covers optical chips and devices, indoor optical cables and cable materials.

It is worth noting that konshino bio, known as the first stock of new crown vaccine of a share, will also start to apply for purchase on Friday.

Throughout the recent A-share IPO market, the high prospect of biomedical industry has made the relevant new shares obtain huge returns. For example, before this, the plum pharmaceutical industry and Kanghua biology were all big meat sticks with a profit of more than 200000 yuan.

With its new coronavirus vaccine, which is in clinical trial stage, the coming kangxinuo has also won the markets focus.

Prospectus shows that novel coronavirus product line includes 16 innovative vaccine products for the prevention of Ebola virus disease, meningitis, DPT, pneumonia, tuberculosis, recombinant coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector), herpes zoster and 13 indications.

The novel coronavirus vaccine has been completed and two meningococcal vaccine products have been submitted to the NDA and accepted. The DPT vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine and recombinant coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector) have entered the clinical trial stage.

Novel coronavirus vaccine (novel coronavirus vaccine) novel coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector) was developed by the Institute of bioengineering of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Academy of military science, based on the prospectus issued by Conchino. The vaccine was constructed by genetic engineering, which replicated the defective human type 5 adenovirus as a carrier and could express the new coronavirus S antigen, which was intended to prevent the infection of new coronavirus. Caused by the disease. At present, the vaccine has been approved clinically. The phase II clinical trial was started in April 2020, and the phase II clinical trial data were obtained in June 2020.

The novel coronavirus analyst Chang Qihui believes that the new crown vaccine is based on the adenovirus vector technology. The technology has successfully developed the Ebola vaccine, and has been excellent in terms of safety and effectiveness. The successful precedent laid the foundation for the development of the new coronavirus.

It is worth noting that conconor was listed in Hong Kong stock market in March 2019, and the stock price performance was not warm at first. But after the outbreak of the global new crown epidemic, its share price began to rise continuously, and doubled several times in just a few months. Although there has been a correction recently, it is still several times higher than the issue price. At present, the latest closing price is HK $215.

Referring to the current secondary market share price of Hong Kong stock market, the first day performance of the recent science and technology innovation board is usually better, and the first days rise of 100% has basically become the starting price. If the first day of Kangxi Nuo a shares up 100%, it may become a new 100000 yuan meat stick.

The first batch of new third board selected layer enterprises listed

In addition to the new feast of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, the winners of the new third board selection layer will also usher in the harvest time - the first batch of 32 new third board selected layer listed companies will be listed on July 27 (Monday).

As of July 17, 32 companies listed on the new third board, which were approved by the CSRC for public offering, have successfully completed their public offerings, with a total of 9.452 billion yuan raised.

On the whole, the funds raised by the public offering of the 32 companies are appropriate, the investors participate actively, and the issuance situation meets the expected target. A total of 837 million shares were issued by 32 companies, with an average of 26.453 million shares issued by each enterprise, and an average of 295 million yuan was raised by each enterprise.

In terms of pricing, 29 enterprises chose to determine the issuing price by inquiry, and 3 enterprises chose direct pricing; the range of issuing price was 4.70-48.47 yuan / share, and the average market value of enterprises after issuance was 2.198 billion yuan.

The 32 companies that have completed public offering have the following characteristics: first, they are mainly private small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, 28 private enterprises, accounting for 87.50%; 27 small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for 84.38%. Second, industry distribution is concentrated. 25 families strategic emerging industries, modern service industries and advanced manufacturing industries accounted for 78.13%. Third, the geographical distribution is extensive. The 32 enterprises belong to 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Fourth, the operation and financial situation is relatively stable. By the end of 2019, the average net assets was 371 million yuan, the average operating income was 489 million yuan, the average net profit was 50.4732 million yuan, and the average rate of return on net assets was 13.59%. Fifth, good growth. The average growth rate of operating revenue was 5.12%, the average growth rate of net profit was 18.68%; the average R & D investment was 24.6239 million yuan, and the average R & D intensity was 5.03%.

In addition, as of July 17, a total of 70 listed companies have submitted application documents for public offering and listing at the selected level. In addition to the 32 companies that have completed the issuance, one company is in the second round of review and inquiry stage; the other 37 companies are in the suspension of review due to their financial statements exceeding the validity period stipulated by the rules. It is expected that the relevant companies will complete the updating of financial information and apply for resumption of review in late July. More than 110 listed companies have been listed.

Source: securities companies China editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF