Who will Guangdong team compete in the playoffs? Well see you after five games tonight

 Who will Guangdong team compete in the playoffs? Well see you after five games tonight

After more than a months isolated rematch, all CBA regular season matches will be closed tonight, which also means that the ranking of the 12 teams advanced to the playoffs will be determined. The next 12-8 and 8-4 matches are expected to have a glimpse after tonight. The defending champion Guangdong Dongguan bank team, which has already locked in the top spot of the regular season, beat Beijing Shougang last night, taking the lead in ending the regular season. They will directly occupy a seat in the top eight and do not need to play in the first round of the playoffs. The only suspense left for them is who will be the opponent of the top eight.

South China tiger wins 29 games in a row

Guangdong team and Beijing Shougang meet in the last round, which can be called the finale of the regular season. After all, in addition to the deep history of the two teams, the two teams are also the most popular CBA teams recently. Guangdong team had 28 consecutive wins and continued to break the CBA winning streak record. Beijing team also locked in the top four of the regular season with 11 consecutive wins. However, if they cant beat the powerful Guangdong team in this game, they may be overtaken by the Liaoning team behind them, unable to keep the third place position.

Therefore, the game was once more fierce, especially when Beijing team sent Lin Shuhao and Youdus double foreign aid in the second quarter, which made the defense of Guangdong team more difficult. However, with the Guangdong team in the third quarter once again to lead the difference to nearly 20 points, the Beijing teams thinking has also wavered. They replaced foreign aid, more use of the all China class, it can be seen that the choice of strategy, no longer meet Guangdong team. The South China tiger finally defeated Beijing Shougang in a bloodless manner, ending the regular season with a remarkable record of 44-2.

It is worth mentioning that Guangdong team has only lost two games in the regular season, which also makes Guangdong team keep up with the record of only losing two games in a single season in 2009-2010. However, at that time, the regular season only had 32 rounds, and now the 46 rounds are obviously more difficult. In the CBA history, the team with the best performance in the regular season was Bayi mens basketball team in 1995-1996. At that time, they set a record of 20 rounds of regular season win, and won the championship without defeat.

The first opponent in the playoffs is likely to be one of the two giants in Zhejiang Province

Guangdong teams regular season record has been settled, but who will be their first potential opponent in the playoffs will be revealed after the end of five games tonight, especially the victory or defeat of Zhejiang Shuangxiong may determine who will encounter the defending champion in the last eight.

At present, Zhejiang Guangxia and Zhejiang Chouzhou bank teams have the same number of wins and losses, while the former temporarily ranks fifth with a small point advantage. However, according to the CBA playoff group match arrangement, the fifth regular season in the first round of 12 into 8 will encounter the 12th team, which has a certain advantage, but the winner after the first round will encounter the first Guangdong team in the top eight, that is to say, the fifth place team will encounter Guangdong team in the second round of the playoffs.

In this way, there may be fifth place Guangxia and sixth place Zhejiang in tonights game to avoid the nine crown kings edge. In contrast, Guangxias opponent Shanxi team still has hope to win a higher ranking, while Zhejiangs opponent Shenzhen team has no desire and no demand. Therefore, it is possible that after tonights game, Zhejiang teams ranking will rise to the fifth For Guangdong team playoff potential opponent.

After all, the Shandong mens basketball team lost to Shanghai in yesterdays game, which led to speculation that they were deliberately doing it, because it is expected to meet Beikong in the first round of the playoffs. The reason why they are willing to encounter Beiguan is that the Beijing control team, which has locked in the seventh place, will no longer be able to enjoy the three foreign aid policy in the playoffs. When the double foreign aid Beikong meets the all China team again, the foreign aid can only be 4 quarters and 4 person times, which is significantly lower than the regular seasons 4-section 6-person-time.