Old warm man! 3C offers Sari a cigarette at Juve press conference: smoke a cigarette

 Old warm man! 3C offers Sari a cigarette at Juve press conference: smoke a cigarette

This season, sari became the coach of Juve, came to Juve at the beginning, Sally suffered from pneumonia, which also made him determined to quit smoking. Fans will no longer be able to see Sally smoking in the stadium, and the scene of chewing tobacco at Chelsea has been staged many times in Serie A.

Leading Juve to win the Serie A title two rounds ahead of schedule, which is also the first time that Sari has won the league championship trophy in his coaching career, and Surrey is also very excited. In an interview with reporters, Juve goalkeeper szczesny lit a cigarette and sent it to sari and said, you deserve it.

Sally laughed when she saw the cigarette, or did shczesny know what she needed most now. After all, szczesny is also an old smoker. When he played at Arsenal, he was reported to Arsene Wenger for lighting a cigarette in the dressing room after losing, so he gradually lost his main position.

Sally did not smoke after taking the cigarette from shichensi. After all, she was interviewed by a reporter. It was not polite to do so. Sally chose to pass the cigarette to the staff. It needs to be pointed out that although he did not smoke during the interview, in the dressing room after the match, sari was addicted to cigarettes. The media pictures showed that Suri was poured with champagne by the Juve players and was still holding a cigarette in his mouth. He was extremely happy.

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