Science and technology is a big deal! Apples rare double press conference concept shares exposed

 Science and technology is a big deal! Apples rare double press conference concept shares exposed

According to the latest report from ihacktu, which understands Apples news, Apple plans to hold two press conferences on September 8 and October 27 respectively. At the first conference, it will release the iPhone 12, the new Apple watch, airpower and iPad. The second event will release iPad pro and other products, and apple glasses is expected to show up.

The iPhone 12 series is undoubtedly Apples most valued flagship product. This is the first 5g version of Apples iPhone, which is of strategic significance for apple to enter the broad market of 5g electronics. According to industry chain sources, there are as many as four iPhone 12 models this year, which is the largest flagship model released by apple in a single year. And this autumns double conference also set the most in Apples history.

In addition, Apples phones can finally upgrade the iPhone 12 series to 5g phones after settling with Qualcomm. On the screen, the full range of iPhone 12 series is expected to adopt high-resolution OLED screens. According to previous industry chain news, apple is testing the OLED screen quality of Samsung, LG, BOE, etc., to determine screen suppliers for the iPhone 12 series.

Some people in the industry believe that Apples double press conference in autumn will be an important node to determine Apples product trend and system ecological layout for many years to come. The iPhone 12 has taken on a huge mission. In the case of the epidemic hitting the market, whether Apple can win the throne of the consumer electronics sales volume depends on whether Apple can give a shock bomb to the market.

Huawei mate 40 series will be released soon

In the domestic high-end computer market, Apples biggest rival is Huawei, and Huaweis mate 40 series flagship will also be available before and after Apples launch.

On the screen, Huawei is likely to directly install the latest 2K resolution curved screen this time. From the exposure prototype, Huawei mate40pro adopts the design of three screens, and the front, left and right are wrapped by the screen, so as to realize the real borderless.

Matewach smart watch and matepod earphone products are also released together with mate40 series. Among them, matchwatch is expected to be the first appearance of Hongmeng OS System in 2020, and it is also the first mobile device under Huawei to run Hongmeng OS.

According to Huawei Hongmeng road map, after the application of the first generation of Hongmeng os1.0 smart screen, Hongmeng OS will be upgraded to version 2.0 in 2020. The kernel and application framework will also be self-developed, and the application scenarios will be expanded to PC, watch, car, etc. About the application of Hongmeng OS in


Hans car machine, data treasure has also sent an article to introduce.

Apple focuses on building domestic supply chain system

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It is believed that at present, the global 5g replacement enthusiasm is still high, coupled with the domestic 5g new infrastructure construction efforts, iPhone 12 sales are worth looking forward to. Adding Huaweis new mate40 series to the market, both parties may benefit consumers at the initial price. At that time, the consumer electronics market is expected to usher in a wave of opportunity change, which will benefit the upstream and downstream companies in the relevant industrial chain.

Lixun precision

It is no longer Wu Xia Amun. With the help of apple, Lixun intends to replace Taiwan businessmen as an important OEM of apple. On the night of July 17,

The announcement plans to acquire two subsidiaries of wetng for 3.3 billion yuan. The transaction will be completed as soon as the end of this year, so that airpods OEM will enter the field of iPhone OEM. Wistron is Apples third-generation iPhone factory, smaller than Foxconn and ASUS.

Having a stable supply chain has always been Apples medium and long-term goal. In view of the ambiguous attitude of the largest Taiwanese OEM manufacturers in the industry, it has become one of Apples important options to create a completely localized OEM system in mainland China.

Lixun precision

Apple finally chose airpods because of its outstanding performance in OEM. It has been reported that in order to make lichen concentrate on OEM of iPhone, Apple hopes that Ericsson will transfer the OEM order of airpods earphone to the mainland company gol acoustics. There is no Taiwan industrial chain among the transfer manufacturers, which also reflects Apples determination to build a supply chain dominated by mainland enterprises.

Although the trump government has constantly demanded that Apples industrial chain return to the United States, due to the concept of global layout and the increasingly important Chinese market, Apple will not easily give up economic considerations because of political pressure. Apple not only publicly expressed its importance to Chinas industrial chain, but also focused on supporting domestic manufacturers to become one of the main agents of apple, and the orders were constantly increasing. The domestic Apple industrial chain benefited a lot.

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It is believed that, superimposed on the sales expectations of the new 5g version of the iPhone 12 and the new Iwatch, the fruit powder centralized machine change tide will officially start, and the apple industrial chain and the trend Innovation Track related to new products will be the main investment line of the electronic industry this year.

According to the statistics of securities times and data treasure, the performance of Listed Companies in Apple industrial chain in the first half of 2020 is good. Among the 20 listed companies that report the performance in advance, the number of companies with good performance is up to 15, accounting for 75%. (Wang Linpeng, databao)

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