Old Mas rookie season and Sun Yues great sages return become the most advanced

 Old Mas rookie season and Sun Yues great sages return become the most advanced


The most improved team of the season

Under Marburys charge, the new North control mens basketball team has leapt from the vice president of last season to the seventh in the regular season, which is the team with the greatest progress this season. In the first two stages of the second round, the team won 10-6 losses, especially in the first stage, which only lost 2 games in 8 games. In the eyes of most opponents, the team built by Marbury can not be underestimated.

In the regular season of this season, Beikong mens basketball team ranked the third with 43.7 rebounds per game, the fifth with 10 steals per game, and the sixth with 101.3 points per game. The team has the fifth defensive efficiency in the league, which is very impressive. Under the strict requirements of Marbury, even foreign aid should participate in the defense system, and should not be special.

Weve had a challenging regular season and ups and downs, but on the whole its neither too high nor too low, and weve completed our mission to get into the playoffs. At the end of the regular season, Marbury summed up the teams performance, and he hopes the team will continue to maintain this momentum and move forward.

Call on the general

Fu Ge Sun Yue becomes thigh

Beijing control mens basketball team used three foreign aid this season, but applied to stop Asian foreign players after the second round, using foreign aid of 4 sections and 7 person times. Foreign aid has been integrated into the team and established a chemical reaction with domestic players to implement Marburys requirements of hard work, smart play and unity.

Fogg averaged 28 points, 6.6 assists and 5.2 rebounds, which was the most stable firepower point and the first choice to dominate the ball. Against Jilin team and Tongxi team, he helped the team win through the quasi winner twice, which was quite the demeanor of Marbury that year. Give the ball to FERG at the critical moment is the recognition of old ma and his teammates.

On the other hand, Sun Yue is the real backbone on the field. After two seasons away from CBA, Sun Yue staged the return of the great sage at the age of 33 and still maintained a high level of competitive state. This season, Sun Yue averaged 12.5 points and 4.4 assists per game, the highest in nearly four seasons, but more often, his personal defense ability and role on the field can not be fully reflected by the data. In the fourth round of the Beijing Shougang team, Sun Yue insisted on returning to the field after twisting his foot, which not only explained the fighting spirit of the veteran, but also inspired the young people.

After the rematch, more domestic players of Beijing control mens basketball team joined in the rotation, including the noble recovery and Meng Bolong and other rookies. They should pay attention to training the depth of the bench while achieving results.


Start the playoffs from scratch

At the end of the first stage of the semi-finals, the Beijing control mens basketball team locked in the playoff seats, and Marbury began to plan training ahead of time: timely rotation of the main force, training the team, increasing the lineup and changes in playing methods. Even if the situation is not optimistic, he did not focus too much on the rankings, and stressed that entering the playoffs all teams start 0-0.. From the time of the player, thats what old Ma said. Playing the playoffs, he has a wealth of experience and excellent record. As a new coach to lead a team into the playoffs for the first time, old ma admitted that it was a challenge, but he was willing to accept it.

Entering the playoffs, the use of foreign aid will be restored to 4 sections and 6 person times. In addition, the team 12 into 8 opponents have not yet come out, the first two rounds of single defeat elimination system is full of uncertainty. Marbury plans to lead the North control mens basketball team, mainly me, in the next few days to continue to study the video, to see what aspects of our defense need to be improved, how can the continuity of the offensive side do better.