Im proud of Manchester Uniteds achievement in third place

 Im proud of Manchester Uniteds achievement in third place

Solskjaer proved himself and led Manchester United to the end of their self redemption. Its a great achievement [United are third in the table] after United clinched their place in the Champions League. Ive been doing this job all the time and I believe in what Ive done before. I stick to my ideas, and thats the only thing I can do. The players put my ideas into practice

As a group, this team has gone through a lot and we are building a culture. Im proud and pleased with all our efforts. Previously, people thought it would be nice for United to be sixth or seventh, he said. Ive been criticized, but that makes me stronger and more confident in my ideas.

Ive read about the predictions of Manchester United. In the process of rebuilding, we got third place. Its a great achievement for everyone. Next season, we will continue to improve the rankings, so we cant relax. Next season is going to be more challenging and we are going to play in the Champions League

We were a lot behind, but we finished the counter attack, which showed the stability of the team. We are building a great team and this team is becoming more and more like real Manchester United Saussure stressed. The season is not over yet for sotti and his disciples, who will try to do well in the Europa League.

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