More than 500 scenic spots play a price reduction card

 More than 500 scenic spots play a price reduction card

From the end of the year, the prices of the scenic spots such as Sanquan and Taijia in Shandong Province have been greatly reduced.

It is worth noting that in this round of cross provincial tourism upsurge, in addition to the direct discount on the ticket price, it also creates online popularity, and brings traffic The attraction of tourists is also constantly renovated. At the end of last week, the Dabaoen Temple site scenic spot in Jiangsu Province, which recently attracted the attention of netizens because of its recent appearance in the popular game game task of the hundred sceneries of the south of the Yangtze River, announced on the official microblog that it would carry out linkage activities with the game. From July 25 to September 30, tourists will go to the night market street where you can punch in the hundred sceneries of Jiangnan. The Shanghai Disneyland Resort also announced that the Disney town will hold night market activities for the first time; many places, such as the Grand Canyon in Henan Province and jiurushan resort in Shandong Province, have taken advantage of music festivals and other activities to circle a wave of fans.

Recently, under the stimulation of the new policy of trans provincial tourism, the domestic tourism market has shown an obvious recovery momentum. Whether it is group tour or free travel, the tourism enthusiasm of consumers has certain signs of warming up. Wang Xingbin, a senior researcher at the Institute of Chinese culture and tourism industry, Beijing Institute of foreign studies, said.

According to Feng ruobin, people are more willing to visit natural scenic spots and theme parks from the perspective of the current tendency of tourists to travel across provinces. Among them, the elderly prefer to take part in the western city tour groups which mainly enjoy the natural scenery, while the parent-child families are keen on Sanya, Shanghai and other popular leisure and holiday destinations. At present, the preferential ticket prices and various innovative activities launched by many local scenic spots will indeed attract the attention of many tourists, and will also reduce the cost of organizing group tours by travel agencies. Feng said.

Whether its reducing ticket prices or extending opening hours, or organizing all kinds of novel activities, inviting online celebrities to bring traffic, local scenic spots that frequently attract tourists have used 18 kinds of martial arts skills to attract tourists. It can be seen that due to the impact of the epidemic, scenic spots around the country are still facing a relatively severe market situation this year, and the resumption of cross provincial tourism may be the turning point they have been looking forward to for a long time. Wang Xingbin said that local cultural and tourism departments and scenic spot operators try their best to attract tourists from all over the country. Although the ticket income is sacrificed, the accommodation, catering, shopping and other expenses brought by these tourists can really accelerate the blood return of the local tourism industry.

However, Wang Xingbin also said frankly that after experiencing various cloud tourism during the epidemic period, the marketing difficulty of scenic spots in the second half of the year will become more and more high. The online live broadcast and other forms may become the standard configuration of scenic spot marketing, and the one-off ticket is not a sustainable drainage method. In the first half of the year, most of the scenic spots experienced a year-round low income. In the current period of cash flow shortage among operators, whether the scenic spots can eat or not is also a problem that the relevant departments need to focus on Wang Xingbin said.

In addition, the person in charge of the travel agency disclosed to the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that free tickets or low discount on ticket prices in scenic spots will increase the cost burden of travel agencies to a certain extent. In the process of organizing tour groups, travel agencies basically have no profit margin in major transportation links, and scenic area tickets and accommodation are the main profit channels. Among them, many scenic spots will give according to their own conditions 1% - 10% commission for travel agencies . The person in charge said frankly that after the scenic spot is free of charge, this part of the Commission will directly return to zero, and the main source of income of the travel agency will be significantly reduced. In the long run, the pressure on the revenue of the travel agency will become greater and greater.

Therefore, many experts suggest that in order to truly stand out in the competition for tourist resources in the future, scenic spots need to plan some activities and projects that really meet the needs of tourists and improve the cost-effectiveness of investment in consideration of their affordability.