Must see! Is the bull market OK? Top 10 heavyweight events or affect the trend of a shares

 Must see! Is the bull market OK? Top 10 heavyweight events or affect the trend of a shares

The most noteworthy is that the first trading day of the selected stocks does not set the price limit. The closing price of the selected layer before the first day is its issue price.

In addition, before the official opening of the market, the market again came good news. According to media reports, the restrictions on the investment proportion of public funds on the new third board will be lifted, and the industry calls this a super major positive. It is pointed out that at present, more than 20 public fund companies have designed products, and there will be more in the future.

2. The first batch of 4 enterprises were registered! The growth enterprise market with a rise and fall rate of 20% is coming

On July 24, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced that Fengshang culture, Kangtai medicine, Meichang new materials and Blue Shield optoelectronics were approved to register on the gem. As of July 24, a total of 316 IPO companies have applied for IPO under the gem reform and pilot registration system, of which 71 have been inquired, 22 have been submitted to the CSRC for registration, and 6 have been suspended.

3. Han Zheng presided over the Forum on real estate work: to ensure the stable and healthy development of the real estate market

Han Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, presided over a forum on real estate work on the 24th to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, summarize the implementation of the pilot scheme of the long-term real estate mechanism, analyze the current situation of the real estate market, and deploy the key real estate work in the next stage.

In the early morning of this Saturday, Dongguan urgently tightened the regulation and control policy of the property market and issued the notice on further promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in our city. The key contents are as follows:

(1) The first non Dongguan family (new house / second-hand) needs more than one years social security in 2 years; 2 sets must pay more than 2 years social security continuously within 3 years.

(2) If you have 2 or more houses without the registered permanent residence of this city, it is forbidden to buy the third one.

(3) The certificate can be transferred after 3 years.

(4) In order to obtain loans from other places, one or her spouse should be registered in Dongguan.

4. The US side entered the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and the Foreign Ministry responded

In response to a reporters question about the US sides entry into the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the Chinese Consulate Generals premises in Houston are diplomatic consulates and Chinas national property. According to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Sino US Consular treaty, the US side shall not infringe upon the premises of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston in any way. As for the US sides forcible entry into the premises of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, China expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition, and has made solemn representations. China will make a proper and necessary response to this.

5. CSRC issues IPO approval documents of 3 Enterprises

Recently, the CSRC approved the initial application of the following enterprises according to the legal procedures: Zhongwang cloth art Co., Ltd., Hubei Junyao health drink Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Changhong Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned enterprises and their Underwriters will negotiate with the exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish the offering documents in succession.

6. Next week, 125.2 billion restricted shares will be lifted, down 42.18% month on month

Next week (from July 27 to July 31), 113 companies will be lifted from the ban, with a total of 5.238 billion shares. According to the closing price on July 24, the market value of the lifted shares is 125.156 billion yuan, which is 42.2% lower than that of 216.530 billion yuan this week. From the perspective of the market value of the lifting of the ban, July 31 was the peak period of the lifting of the ban. The market value of the six companies was 45.359 billion yuan, accounting for 36.24% of the scale of the ban lifting next week.

7. The total net sales of Beishang capital last week were 24.751 billion

The risk aversion sentiment of Beishang funds rose sharply, with a sharp net sales of 16.357 billion yuan on Friday, the second largest single day net sales in history. The total net sales of the whole week totaled 24.751 billion yuan, the fifth largest weekly net sales in history. According to the market, Shanghai Stock connect net sales this week reached 15.608 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Stock connect sold 9.142 billion yuan.

Beishang capital bought more than 300 million yuan of individual shares this week

10. Bitcoin price exceeds $10000

On Sunday, the prices of bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocketed, with bitcoin once rising above $10000, and Ethereum hit a 2020 high of $316. Since weekend digital currencies are usually characterized by low trading volume and some traders avoid the market due to concerns about price fluctuations at the end of the week, it is unusual for prices to rise at the end of the week. In addition to technical factors, the news of digital currency is also encouraged. According to media reports, the total amount of funds on the decentralized financial platform (defi) has reached $4 billion today.

How to go after A-share market? This is how securities companies see it

At the end of the week, many securities companies also made a voice, we also have a look.

Haitong Jiang Chao: the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index, which represents blue chips, is relatively cheap

Haitong Macro Analyst Jiang Chao said on July 26 that after considering the supply of new shares, interest rates, international and major asset comparisons, the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index, which represents blue chips, is relatively cheap.

Assuming that the valuation level of various assets remains stable, the CSI 300 index is expected to achieve a total return of 10% in the next year, including 8% stock price rise and 2% dividend yield. If we believe that Chinas economy is on the way to recovery, then the blue chips represented by the CSI 300 index are expected to benefit from it, so it is unnecessary to consider the impact of various short-term factors on the stock market

Huatai Securities: there is bull in A-share market, but there is no fast bull in high probability

Huatai strategy team said a few days ago that the trend of fundamentals determines that there is a bull in this round of A-shares, but the difference in risk-free interest rates of US debt, domestic long-term, short-term and commodity base determines that the pace and history of the four types of funds entering the market are different, and there is no fast bull in this round.

Xu Biao of Tianfeng strategy believes that the most important thing for the incremental funds in the follow-up market is not the monetary policy (its approximate rate will not further shrink), but the inspection strength of illegal entry of credit funds and the direction of credit cycle. Looking forward, the impact of regulation on leverage funds such as over-the-counter capital allocation and illegal credit entering the market will significantly affect the incremental capital in the next stage of the market. If credit continues to expand (similar to the past few months), earnings expectations will continue to improve and credit entity spillovers will bring more incremental funds, resulting in Davis double click. On the contrary, if the credit starts to shrink, the profit expectation cant continue to increase, and the credit spillover fund will decrease, thus forming Davis double kill.

Chongyang investment Wang Qing: the A-share market adjustment is a good buy point in the long term

Wang Qing, President of Chongyang investment, said on the 26th that he should accept the market fluctuation to make investment. In fact, from the global stock market performance since this year, the performance of a shares is higher. The global stock price is affected by the epidemic situation, and the stock market performance of various countries is also related to the epidemic situation. The better the epidemic situation is controlled, the better the stock price performance will be. Looking forward, the economic growth in the next few quarters will gradually recover and improve, and the fundamentals will also recover, which will also be reflected in the stock price. The A-share market adjustment is a good buy point in the long term.

CSCI: the market will return to a volatile pattern, and the undervalued industry is relatively dominant

The investment promotion strategy team released a research report on the 26th, pointing out that the stock price trend ultimately depends on the short-term profitability and long-term development prospects of the enterprise. No matter from which perspective, we are optimistic about a shares. At the industry level, attention should be paid to the bulk commodities brought about by the trump devaluation and the investment opportunities in the relevant beneficial areas under the idea of the domestic big cycle, mainly focusing on the areas such as the transformation of consumer goods export to domestic sales, the internalization of service industry, the construction of two new and one heavy infrastructure, import substitution and supply security

Haitong strategy: the medium-term trend of rising bull market 3 waves remains unchanged

Haitong strategy that the bull market 3 waves rise in the medium term trend unchanged. The short-term adjustment is due to the interference of event factors, and the reference history is limited. Referring to history, hot spots spread and opportunities increased during the three waves of bull market because of more money, good fundamentals and rising sentiment.

Since July, the hot spots in the market have spread. After short-term adjustment, the future market will be more exciting. The main line of technology + securities companies will continue, with early cycle and undervalued products rising.

Guotai Junan strategy: in the future, the Shanghai Composite Index will fluctuate at 3200-3400 points

Guotai Junan strategy team believes that in the future, the general trend will be mainly concussion, and the Shanghai composite index range will be 3200-3400 points. From the perspective of DDM model, the market driving force will shift from risk-free interest rate downward to fundamentals, and the style will return to consumption, medicine and technology. At present, the profit expectation of consumption and medicine valuation is not too high. The rising valuation level of the consumer sector in recent years has a fundamental basis: the improvement of competitive advantage and profitability of leading enterprises. From the perspective of market environment, the current market liquidity environment is loose and the trading volume is at a historical high level, which can form a certain buffer for the lifting of the ban.

Zhang Anyuan, chief economist of CSCI: A-share market has a high margin of safety and strong resilience

Zhang Anyuan, chief economist of CSCI, said that A-share valuation has a high margin of safety. Since this year, the market has shown strong resilience and risk resistance. At present, the valuation level of the main indexes of A-share market is still in the reasonable quantile range of history. The market still has a strong margin of safety and strong ability to resist risks, so the adjustment space is limited. He analyzed the impact of previous external events on a shares. The data show that external factors have limited actual impact after short-term impact, and the key to market operation is to see the domestic economic fundamentals. As long as the fundamentals are stable, the operation of the market will be more stable.