Perspective of the weeks 20 bull bear stocks: why can they come out?

 Perspective of the weeks 20 bull bear stocks: why can they come out?

Hot spots, many bull stocks come out

Throughout the 20 bull stocks, military industry, ants, gold, silver, UAV and other hot topics are at least 2 stocks on the list.

Taking ant concept as an example, Junzheng group (601216. SH) and Jingneng real estate (600791. SH) both rose more than 50% in a week. Although it denies its participation in ant financial services, Junzheng group still has five consecutive trading limits, and its market value has soared by 15 billion. However, it is worth noting that shareholders take the opportunity to reduce their holdings of 169 million shares.

In addition, gold and silver have soared recently and reached new highs repeatedly, stimulating the share prices of Yuguang jinpb (600531. SH) and Shengda resources (000603. SZ) to soar.

Panic caused by reduction of sci tech Innovation Board

On the evening of July 23, nine science and Technology Innovation Board companies, such as Western superconductor (688122. SH) and Jiayuan Technology (688388. SH), announced the reduction of their holdings, with a total reduction of 202 million shares and the planned cash withdrawal of more than 9.3 billion yuan. The corresponding stocks fell in response to the call. Western superconductor and Jiayuan technology fell more than 16% in a week. Although hongruan technology did not release the announcement of reduction, it lifted the ban of 224 million shares on July 22, accounting for 55.11% of the total share capital, with a weekly decline of 18%.

Huafeng super fiber (300180. SZ) is also facing a huge lifting of the ban. On July 24, Huafeng super fiber lifted the sales restriction of about 412 million shares, accounting for 24.21% of the total share capital of the company. After deducting the pledge and freezing, the actual number of shares that can be listed and circulated this time is about 220 million shares, accounting for 12.89% of the companys total share capital. In addition to facing the lifting of a large number of shares, company executives are also planning to reduce their holdings. Earlier, the companys two executives plan to reduce 5.4 million shares of the company.

In addition, it is worth noting that the sudden collapse of Gongda electroacoustic restructuring, affected by this, has dropped by more than 31% in a week. On July 24, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Gongda electronic voice, asking the company to explain the specific reasons for the termination of restructuring, whether the termination of restructuring violates the previous agreement, and the specific impact of termination on listed companies.

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