Who: 200625 new confirmed cases and 4823 deaths worldwide

 Who: 200625 new confirmed cases and 4823 deaths worldwide

The U.S. failed to report data by todays deadline for data updates, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of new confirmed cases and new deaths in both the global and American regions, the report said.

68480 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States were confirmed in 4222841 cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached 4222841 cases in Beijing, and 146788 cases have died in July 26th, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, at 17:33 p.m. Eastern time (05:33 27).

During the period from 17:33 on July 25 (4154361 confirmed cases and 146143 deaths) to 17:33 July 26 (24 hours), 68480 new cases and 645 new deaths were recorded.

11233 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were diagnosed in South Africa, 445433 cases were confirmed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Africa in July 25th. The total number of confirmed cases was 445433. There were 2773778 people in South Africa, and 42966 people were detected on the same day. 11233 people in South Africa have been diagnosed with pneumonia. 114 novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Africa, and 6769 people died in the past. So far, 265077 people have recovered.

Four consecutive days, novel coronavirus pneumonia has died in the United States.

According to the prediction model released by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the death toll will reach 175000 by August 15. Some states have reported record breaking new cases and deaths in the past few weeks, and the situation is getting worse. Both Houston mayor Sylvester Turner and Los Angeles Mayor Eric gasetti mentioned the possibility of issuing a second home order, and health officials warned that testing laboratories and hospitals were overburdened.

[over 50000 confirmed cases of Singapore new crown

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 24 cases of new cases of 255 cases of new pneumonia confirmed by the latest statistics released by the Ministry of health in Italy on 26 th, totaling 246118 cases; 5 cases of new deaths, 35107 cases of cumulative deaths; 126 cases of new cure, 198446 cases of cumulative cure. Among the 12565 confirmed cases, 44 were severe.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Africa is confirmed over 830 thousand.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 54 cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in 830054 cases, 17523 cases died and 485404 people recovered in July 26th as the time for 18 hours in eastern Africa.

Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan increased by 826 cases, totaling 30657 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed by novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan, 0 cases from 26 to 0 PM, according to the information released by the Japan Broadcasting Association. According to the data from local self-governing bodies and the Ministry of health and labour, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Japan was 30657 and the number of deaths reached 998. Among them, 26 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in Tokyo 239 people, 6 days in a single day increased by more than 200 people, Tokyo cumulative infection reached 11214 people.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Saudi Arabias latest 26 hours local time on the afternoon of the afternoon of the latest 24 hours, 1968 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed cases, 52 days later, the number of new cases dropped to 2000 cases a day, 30 new cases were also added on that day. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Saudi Arabia have reached 266941 cases, of which 2733 patients have died of serious illness and 220323 patients have been cured.

[Chile has confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia in 2198 cases, 345790 cases].

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 2198 cases in July 26th, and 345790 cases were newly diagnosed, and 92 cases were newly diagnosed, totaling 9112 cases. The Ministry of Health said the data showed that the average number of new cases in Chile remained on a downward trend. The number of new confirmed cases decreased by 5% in the last seven days and 29% in the last 14 days. However, there are still rising cases in tarapaka, Atacama and other areas.

[French Minister of health: worried about the rising epidemic situation or closing bars and other places

Velan pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients who were diagnosed recently were younger and had a higher proportion of asymptomatic infections compared with the first wave. This is particularly true in the region of France, where Paris is located. He pointed out that the elderly and other vulnerable groups are more alert to the epidemic situation, and young people often dont care much about it. A lot of young people who have been diagnosed dont know how they got infected..