Ex husband of the murdered woman: the eldest daughter is willing to raise the younger daughter, but she also needs to discuss with her family

 Ex husband of the murdered woman: the eldest daughter is willing to raise the younger daughter, but she also needs to discuss with her family

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The Hangzhou womens missing case in which the whole people participated in reasoning has finally come to an end. The result is not unexpected, but it is still creepy - the missing woman Lai Huili has died, and her husband Xu Guoli is suspected of committing a major crime.

At 17:04 on July 4, after returning home with her little daughter, she never appeared under the monitoring of the community. But it was not until 19 p.m. on July 6 that her husband Xu Guoli contacted his wifes sister and eldest daughter to inquire about his wifes whereabouts, and reported the case to the Public Security Bureau at about 20:00.

On the 25th, Hangzhou police held a media conference to announce the latest progress of the investigation. Xu Guoli was dissatisfied with Ms. Lai because of family life conflicts. He killed and dismembered his wife and threw her body into a septic tank in the early morning of July 5 while his wife was sleeping. On the 23rd, the police summoned Xu Guoli on suspicion of intentional homicide.

But no one thought that such a bad case would become a new stem in a part of the population.

In a funny short video reflecting the daily life of husband and wife, the comment area is full of shocking threats: your husbands meat grinder is about to order, two water warnings, septic tank to learn about It seems that Xu Guolis arrest is not the final outcome, but the real victory is to control women by means of personal security threats.

And the gushing out of these remarks may be more terrible than the murder and dismemberment cases.

The most terrible murder

It was at the hands of a loved one

From the exposure of the case to the detection of the case, there has always been a voice: its always the husband.

Such behavior can hardly be explained by normal logic. But Ms. Lai was obviously in a normal state of mind. The next day after her disappearance, she also received drugs for insomnia online.

In the densely monitored community, professionals can hardly find a way to avoid all the monitoring, but they cant avoid being photographed. Even so, there is still no trace of the lady.

What is more frightening is the husbands extremely calm performance.

In front of the camera, he said, I woke up at 5:30, and I didnt care at that time. its normal After the disappearance, he speculated that she must not be alone. She cant go out alone, according to her intelligence quotient; more than ten days after her wifes disappearance, she can go to relatives house to pick up her daughters book as if nothing happened. He even issued a puzzled speech: if you cant find it, dont look for it. If you go out for a few days, you may come back.

In order to solve the case, the police made great efforts.

Within 20 days, the police sent more than 100 investigators to check 6000 hours of video without fast forward.

After completely ruling out the possibility of Ms. Lai leaving the community, the police began to extract the septic tank. Under the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees, the police dressed in fully enclosed isolation clothing, washed and screened the filth of 38 vehicles. The whole process lasted for 25 hours, and finally found the body tissue of the lady Lai.

Xu Guoli, the initiator of the crime, even looked over his head calmly the day before his arrest when he passed a manure truck. His expression was not flustered.

All kinds of signs show that this is a premeditated intentional homicide case, and the criminal suspect has a strong anti reconnaissance ability.

A joke in your mouth

The occurrence of this case, no doubt to womens unfriendly marriage environment even worse.

According to Ms. Lais ex husband, Ms. Lai and Xu Guoli had known each other before their first marriage. After the marriage, the two married, and then continued the relationship, and before the divorce began to live together. And when Ms. Lai insisted on divorcing her ex husband, it was the time of house demolition. Later, Ms. Lai and Xu Guoli had conflicts, also because of the ownership of the house.

The love in the eyes of outsiders and the affection they have known for many years can not be used as the guarantee of the other partys conduct. In the face of interests, human life is not worth a cent. In the face of extreme malignant events, people with empathy should feel cold. No wonder more girls are afraid of marriage.

To raise reasonable doubts and conjectures is to be accused of imputing to men. Who is provoking Gender Antagonism?

Some people seem to have got a new sharp weapon to fight against others, just like a repeater. They preach the philosophy of meat grinder, septic tank and two tons of water on various platformsu2014u2014

Photo / microblog @ Chen fold

Some people made fun of his girlfriends wife and issued a warning of eating Babau2014u2014

Under such remarks, there are people washing the ground, saying that everything should not be persuaded and its just a joke between lovers.

Why do girlfriends need prevention? Why is the way to defend a person is to study the technique of dismemberment?

And their Sima Zhaos heart, just a popular science micro blog can be exposedu2014u2014

Whats more sad is that some married women thank their husbands for not killing in the comment area, and the scene is very strange.

Before this, some malignant dormitory homicide cases exposed, the reaction of netizens is the same. However, this is not a roommate assigned to you by the school. This is your self selected life partner.

Our requirements for marriage have been reduced from not to love to to be able to make do with it. But if you take personal safety as the bottom line of marriage, how can you give women the courage to engage in marriage?

They dont know that every vicious event in an intimate relationship is a fatal blow to every woman. As long as someone is interested in themselves, it is easy for women to become victims. If the person next to the pillow is a potential murderer, who else can be trusted?

However, those who are unable or unwilling to empathize with women not only play the septic tank joke, but also attempt to wipe out womens worries with a light dont create gender antagonism?

If it wasnt for her hard work

There will only be another nameless corpse in the world

Because they know that the detection of such cases is very difficult. The extra efforts made by the Hangzhou police this time is a clear proof.

Whats more shocking is that after the case, a Weibo big V mentioned that his mother had disappeared for no reason many years ago, which led to thousands of similar stories. Between the lines, there are tears of blood so it is..

Its always the husband is a terrible prophecy that is universally true.

Many people think of the murder of the wood crusher in Kangzhou. After a severe snowstorm in 1986, flight attendant Helle went out and mysteriously disappeared. The police investigation failed, and her husband Richard passed the lie detector test three times and cleared the suspect.

When the case was difficult to advance, it was the Chinese American detective Li Changyu who found a breakthrough. In the end, police pulled out some of the bodies that had been smashed by wood cutters in the frozen lake. Whats more, police investigation found that Richards two former wives were also missing after missing.

23 years ago, Wang Xiaoling, a woman in Datong, Shanxi Province, mysteriously disappeared. Before that, she divorced her husband of two years and returned to her mothers home to work. One day, she suddenly asked her partner to come home and said that she was fighting with other girls in hospital and asked her mother to come to the hospital to take care of her. My mother was busy with farm work and couldnt get away for a moment. When she thought about it, there was no news from her daughter.

The United Nations agency on drugs and crime (UNODC) has long had available survey data. In 2017, 87000 women died worldwide, 58% of whom died at the hands of close partners or family members. If its an average day, the number of women who die is 137. On average, its six per hour.

Why do the survey agencies pay attention to this data? Because they found that four times as many men are murdered as women, but 80 percent of women die in family or couple homicide cases. Domestic violence is particularly harmful to women, the report said

According to the latest report of Sanlian Newsweek, Ms. Lai revealed to their mutual friend, Ms. Zhang, that she wanted a divorce because Xu Guoli would commit domestic violence against her and strangle her to death.. And Xu Guolis ex-wife has repeatedly mentioned to Ms. Zhang that Xu Guoli would beat and threaten herself in order to achieve the purpose of divorce.

Maybe fate, from the beginning, has written the ending.

In this discussion on the Hangzhou disappearance case, the most enlightening point of view is that women must have jobs and networks.

Douban netizen @ Xun pointed out that the case can be solved precisely because Ms Lais daughter and nephew have the financial, mental, decision-making and action power. They will offer a reward of 100000 yuan at the first time, coordinate the relevant departments to drain the river search, link media resources to expand the momentum, and do not let go of any chance to find relatives.

On the other hand, the detection of the Hangzhou disappearance case is also a good omen. It proves that not every woman who has been victimized can only fall into the tragedy of finding no such person. The society we live in should also give more support to female groups, so that women will not die in silence.

Good and evil will be rewarded, but it is endless sorrow left to relatives. Mrs. Lais family is in dire need of psychotherapy, and we must begin to examine the intimate relationship we are in.

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