Conquest! 35 year old Ronaldo 32nd FIFA official: hes an alien

 Conquest! 35 year old Ronaldo 32nd FIFA official: hes an alien

Ronaldo Cristiano has scored 30 league goals in the first 35 Serie A matches this season, breaking three records. First, he became the first player to score 30 + goals in Serie A, the Premier League and La Liga in a single season. Second, Ronaldo scored 51 goals in Serie A, becoming the first player to score 50 + goals in Serie A, the Premier League and La Liga. Third, Cristiano Cristiano is also the fastest player to finish 50 + goals in Serie A, surpassing Shevas record of 50 goals in 68 games.

This rounds match with Sampdoria is very important for Juve. Once winning, Juve will achieve the ninth consecutive serie a championship. And in this game, Ronaldo broke out. At the end of the first half, Juve got a free kick from the front to the right side of the forbidden area. Pianicci and bernadez were in front of the ball, and pianic took the penalty. Everyone thought that if the free kick was from this distance, pianic would choose to shoot directly. However, the wallet unexpectedly gave Ronaldo, who was not defenceless on the left side of the forbidden area, and Ronaldo didnt stop the ball and cut directly Juve took a 1-0 lead with the ball against the right post.

Cristiano Cristianos goal was crucial. He opened the door to Juves victory and laid a solid foundation for the final 2-0 win. At the same time, the goal also showed Cristiano Cristianos outstanding sense of smell and shooting accuracy. It should be pointed out that this goal is also Ronaldos 10th league goal after the second round of Serie A this season. He has also become the top five league players who have scored the most goals after the second round. Levan and Stirling scored 9 goals after the second round.

After the second half of the game, Ronaldo was still very active, samp pressure attack also gave C a lot of shooting opportunities. In the 68th minute, Ronaldos volley after cutting into the left side of the restricted area took the ball. Although the goalkeeper rushed to the ball, he let go and scored another goal. Although the goal was scored by the driver, but Ronaldos volley before the foot is more credit. In fact, in this game, Ronaldo is expected to score twice, but his penalty hit the crossbar, which is the first time that Ronaldo has missed a penalty in Serie A this season. Before that, Ronaldo had 12 penalty points and 12 hits in Serie A.

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Serie A title and his biggest wish in the Serie A League this season is to win the Italian golden boots as well as the European golden boots. In the current serie a shooter list, Cristiano Cristiano has scored 31 goals, three goals away from mobile. In the European golden boot list, Ronaldo also has a three goal gap with Levine mobile. Three goals in the next two rounds? Its quite difficult, but Ronaldo is good at success in adversity. Lets wait and see.

With this serie a title, Ronaldo has won 32 titles in his career, including 30 for the club and two for the national team (European Cup and UEFA). Of the 30 club titles, 16 have been won in Real Madrid, 10 in Manchester United, one in Portuguese sport and three in two seasons at Juve. FIFA officials also praised Ronaldo as an alien after the match.

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