What if Ronald imbibel hit the goalkeeper on his knee and got a penalty, a hat and a 34 goal tie with levan

 What if Ronald imbibel hit the goalkeeper on his knee and got a penalty, a hat and a 34 goal tie with levan

In the first half of stoppage time, mobile used the first penalty to equalize for Lazio. Verona player razovic handball in the forbidden area, the referee in the VaR after blowing a penalty, because mobiley accomplished in one stroke.

In the 84th minute, mobiley scored twice, which was very ornamental. After receiving Lukakus direct pass, mobileys right foot shot on the left side of the restricted area, and the ball went straight to the dead corner at the far end of the goal. In the positional battle does not stop the ball does not make the adjustment movement, because mobiley this shot can be called the full score.

In stoppage time, mobile scored a hat trick, but the penalty was controversial. Verona goalkeeper radunovic fell to the ground after mobile made a lengthy dash from the left rib into the penalty area. After the physical contact, inMobile collapsed in the forbidden area with great exaggeration. The referee blew the penalty kick, because mobile accepted it.

From the slow lens point of view, there is a lot of controversy about Mobiles penalty kick. Radunovic did not actively touch inmobiley. Instead, mobileys right knee directly hit radunovics head.

With his cap in the European League, he has won the third place in the European league with a hat trick. Lazios only goal for the season is to put inMobile on the European golden boot. Juve still have to build up their strength for the Champions League. If Ronaldo is rotated, the Portuguese will not be able to attack inMobile in the shooters table.

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