King: the winner celebrates unintentionally. The playoff pressure is on the opponents side

 King: the winner celebrates unintentionally. The playoff pressure is on the opponents side

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Wang: the victory celebration is not deliberately designed. The playoff pressure is on the opponent side (source: Netease sports)

After the game, Wang Zhelin exposed his Dancing scene on the court through social media, and joked, I heard that after this game, I have a new expression bag?

Recently, Wang Zhelin has repeatedly performed well on the field, and has hit a key goal in the final stage of the game more than once. After hitting the key goal, Wangs celebration expression pack has also become the focus of hot discussion among fans on social media. When talking about this point, Wang Zhelin said: all actions are done casually, and at that time, I didnt think too much after I shot the goal, which was natural Its also strange to be able to do such movements.

Were very satisfied with the second half of the regular season. From the beginning of the season to now, we have completed the task of entering the playoffs. Thank you for your hard work this year and the help of the coaching team. We have worked hard together Wang summed up his regular season performance.

Fujian team has made sure to get tickets for the playoffs this season. Talking about the teams performance, Wang said: I think the game should go all out, not deliberately choose which opponent, we still go all out to fight for every victory.

Fujian team is currently ranked 11th in the league, and they may face rivals like Guangxia or Zhejiang in the playoffs. When talking about this, Wang Zhelin said: these two teams are very high ranking and strong teams. No matter who we play, we are the team that ranks lower in the regular season. We must try our best to fight with them. We are the team at the bottom of the ranking, The pressure is not that great.