Schumachers son is expected to land in F1

 Schumachers son is expected to land in F1

Mick Schumacher inherits his fathers career and has a chance to land in F1 in the future. Pictures / osports

Nationality: Germany

Birthday: March 22, 1999

Height: 1.76M

Current team: F2 Prema

Main Honors: F3 driver championship in 2018 and F2 Hungarian race champion in 2019

This man has the greatest surname in racing. About Mick Schumacher, the official website of F2 begins with this introduction. Mick Schumacher, 21, is the son of Michael Schumacher. After taking over his fathers mantle as a child, Mick is now firmly established in F2, and he is regarded as the next German driver who is expected to land in F1. Mick has been on the podium twice in Hungary this season, and will hit the top podium at Silverstone this weekend.


Fuddy Hungary returns to the podium

Like F1, F2 has entered a long off-season due to the epidemic. Until the Austrian station in early July, F2 and F1 were restarted together, and Mick Schumacher returned to the paddock seven months later.

Its a long holiday and I cant wait to get back on the track. Mick Schumacher walked two laps at the red bull ring circuit in Austria before the race. Even wearing the Ferrari logo red mask, he couldnt stop his smile. Ive been grinning. Im very happy to be able to walk around the paddock and see these familiar faces again. For me, its like my second family.

The long break took Mick a little time to get back to rhythm. In the opening match of Austria, he started from 5th place and finally got 7th place. The mechanical failure of the racing car made him miss the chance to impact the podium.

Come to Hungary, Mick ushered in a good opportunity to adjust. On this 34 year old track, Mick Schumacher has good memories. Last season, he won his first F2 race at hungroning in Budapest.

In the familiar track, Mick Schumacher has a stable performance, finished third in both rounds, this is his first season on the podium. At present, Mick is fourth in the F2 drivers championship with 39 points.

In the first three races of the restart of the season, Mick Schumacher suffered a variety of accidents, to be honest, there is no choice but to move on. If you let these things bother you for too long, it will only affect your performance. In the face of difficulties, Mick has the same heart as his father. You have to learn from your mistakes. You have to leave them behind and focus on the next performance.

grow up

The next German F1 driver?

Since last year, Mick Schumacher has represented Prema in the F2 race. This season, he is partnered with last years F3 driver champion Schwarzman. The team gave them a powerful engine, which gave them a great speed advantage.

Like Schwarzman, Mick is also a member of Ferrari Academy. Although Ferrari teams performance is not good this season, their youth training academy is called Huangpu Military Academy of racing industry. Leclere is the driver trained by the Academy. In the opening match of F2 Austria this season, Ferrari Academy of youth has won the top three places.

In January 2019, Mick Schumacher signed with Ferrari Academy of youth training. I will have the opportunity to learn from a large number of professionals, and I will try my best to realize my ultimate dream of participating in F1. He is excited to be part of the Ferrari family.

Entering Ferrari academy means Mick is one step closer to F1 dream. Germany has always been rich in F1 drivers, there were seven German drivers in 2010 season. However, after Vettel confirmed to leave Ferrari at the end of this season, no German driver has confirmed to participate in F1 next season, and Mick Schumacher is expected to become the next German driver to enter F1.

According to foreign media analysis, Mick Schumacher is likely to represent alpha Romeo in F1 next season. Raikkonen, 41, is likely to retire from the team at the end of the season and Mick is expected to fill the position. Uncle Ralph Schumacher also said that once Raikkonen retired, the alpha Romeo team needed young drivers like Mick.

However, Alfa Romeos head coach vassel does not want to talk about this topic now. Everyone can express their opinions, but we are only in the observation stage. Mick must focus on formula F2 before entering F1.

Heidfeld, a former German F1 driver, also said that Mick Schumacher would not enter F1 too early. Schumacher family knows what they should do at what stage. It may not be a good thing for Mick to enter F1 too early.


Continue to fight after fathers serious injury

This man has the greatest surname in racing. About Mick Schumacher, the official website of F2 begins with this introduction. From the day he was born, the surname Schumacher has been influencing Mick.

As children, Mick and her sister Gina were well protected by their parents, and few media could take pictures of them. Michael Schumacher told the media more than once that he didnt want his children to live in his shadow.

When she first started racing, Mick did not race under the surname of Schumacher, but took the alias Mick betsch, her mothers maiden name, in order to avoid media attention.

It was not until 2015 that Mick Schumacher began to enter racing as a real person. That year, he took part in the German F4. In 2018, Mick won eight European F3 races, climbed the podium 14 times and finally won the drivers championship of the year. Since last year, Mick entered F2, a step closer to the dream of F1.

Mick Schumachers progress in recent years is enough to make his father old Schumacher happy. In December 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious head injury in a skiing accident, and his health is still unknown.

After his father was seriously injured, Mick Schumacher returned to the field with the support of his mother. He put two words on his car: keep fighting and never give up to encourage himself.

In an interview earlier, Mick Schumacher said his father was his idol and had a huge impact on his career. He said that his father had talked to himself about racing, he asked me, do you want to be a professional driver or develop as an interest? I certainly did not hesitate to choose to be a professional driver

Mick Schumacher never worried about his father. Compared with the best driver in F1 history, this is what you want to achieve, and having such an idol and father is very special. Mick learned too much from his father. Like his father, he has a great passion for racing, and when he is not in the cockpit, he can be found by the mechanic.

After winning the F3 drivers championship in 2018, Mick Schumacher has obtained enough F1 super driving license points, but he still hopes to experience different levels of formula before entering F1 to fulfill his and his fathers dream.

Written by sun haiguang, reporter of Beijing News

Source: Cao Liqiao, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NS1806