Whats Washingtons next card? Scholar: the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan is extremely small

 Whats Washingtons next card? Scholar: the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan is extremely small

Chengdu consulate moves out two containers

At about 10:00 p.m. on the 26th, Global Times reporters saw at the scene that five heavy trucks successively entered the US Consulate General in Chengdu. A large wooden box was hoisted on a heavy truck, and two trucks were loaded with two containers and drove out of the consulate. From day to night, a number of trucks and vans enter and leave the consulate. It is not clear when U.S. diplomats will eventually leave. According to Agence France Presse, cleaners delivered at least 10 large black garbage bags from the US Consulate General in Chengdu on the morning of the 25th, which appeared to contain shredded paper. On the same day, the U.S. national emblem hanging on the front of the consulate has been removed, and foreign personnel carrying luggage in and out of the consulate.

At 4:00 p.m. local time on the 24th, the Chinese Consulate General in Houston lowered the Chinese national flag, removed the Chinese national emblem and locked the gate of the Consulate General. Subsequently, U.S. federal and local law enforcement officers entered the Consulate in several off-road vehicles, trucks and vans. According to the Houston Chronicle, at about 4:40 p.m., they pried open the back door of the Consulate General to enter it. Earlier, they tried to enter through the other three entrances, but none of them succeeded. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying tweeted on the 26th that the house of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston is the property of the Chinese government, and that the US sides intrusion is no different from burglary.

Houston has become the scapegoat, Gordon, a former member of the Houston City Council, told ABC News on the 25th that he was worried that decades of economic and commercial relations between China and Houston would be destroyed. Once the relationship breaks down, how will it be rebuilt? What a close trading partner China is to Houston and Texas

The New York Times commented on the 25th that the United States and China are gradually disintegrating decades of political, economic and social exchanges with tit for tat, setting up a stage for the confrontation between the strongest voices of both sides. As the election approaches, U.S. President trump has lagged far behind in the polls, and his national security officials have stepped up attacks on China in recent weeks, targeting Chinese officials and corporate executives. Although the strategy reinforces campaign information, some U.S. officials are also trying to promote irreversible change, according to people familiar with the matter. This combined effect could be Trumps most important foreign policy legacy, although it is not what he has been pursuing: consolidating a fundamental strategic and ideological confrontation between the worlds two largest economies.

Sir, do you have any sense of shame?

In response to pompeios call for the establishment of a New Democratic Alliance to confront China, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova said on the 25th that Russia regarded pompeios statement that he might pull Moscow into Anti China action as a naive attempt to undermine Russia China relations, and that Russia would further strengthen cooperation with China. Zaharova was shocked by pompeios provocative tone, saying such rude remarks against China, Chinas political system and leaders have become a habit of US diplomatic rhetoric.

Vasiliev, an expert at the Institute of American and Canadian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the US idea of establishing an anti China alliance is doomed to fail because many countries have strengthened close cooperation with China in various fields. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is clearly failing in the Trump administrations 25 day commentary, the United States guardian said. The United States has become the largest sustained outbreak in the world. Americans are banned from entering the country by most countries in the world. This makes it difficult and unconvincing for US diplomats to deceive other governments into the anti China United Front. Often only with a painful smile.

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia crisis, countries hope that the world economy will soon recover, rather than another crisis. German news television pointed out on the 26th that pompeio hoped to form an alliance against China. However, the trump administration has not helped to strengthen the international alliance in the past few years. Instead, it has withdrawn from a series of international organizations to compete with Europe, South Korea and Japan, making allies feel that the United States is unreliable.

Pompeios so-called new iron curtain speech delivered at the Nixon Presidential Library last week attracted more criticism. While publicly intimidating US cronies and lobbying other countries to unite against China, Trumps fierce senior diplomat, pompeio, has just delivered a speech full of crazy rants, and his ignorance and fear of China have reached alarming levels.. Hong Kongs South China Morning Post 26 reported that pompeio claimed in his speech that the free state has revived Chinas failed economy, but Beijing has turned its back on the international hand that fed him. For such nonsense, we should send out the words that Welch, a famous lawyer in Boston, questioned McCarthy at that time: Sir, do you still have a sense of shame? Dont you have a little conscience left?

What is Washingtons next card

What will be Washingtons next card? Shi Yinhong, a professor at the school of international relations at Renmin University of China, told Singapores Lianhe Zaobao that the trump government will then put pressure on China from various aspects, including legal sanctions on the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues, accusations that China has infiltrated and stolen intelligence, provoked military conflicts in the South China Sea, or asked the German and French governments to keep pace with the United States and block Huawei and other Chinese branches Technology enterprises. Some media even believe that, on the premise of avoiding direct armed conflict with China, trump still has two cards to play to China before the election: one is to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan; the other is to raid Chinas South China Sea Islands and reefs. Someone wrote in USA today that trump should visit Taiwan in order to send a signal to China. According to the article, no US president has visited Taiwan since 1960, because American officials have long hoped to maintain good relations with Beijing. If trump cant go, its OK to send Vice President burns..

Even if the relationship between China and the United States deteriorates again, the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations between the embassies of the two countries, the United States and Taiwan, or the possibility of sneaking attacks on islands and reefs in the South China Sea is still very small. Zhu Feng told the global times that establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan or sneaking attacks on Chinas South China Sea Islands and reefs are naked declaration of war against China. What benefits does the United States do to itself? He said that he still has two basic judgments on Sino US relations. First, it is unlikely that the United States will initiate a war on its own initiative, and those political maniacs cant have no bottom line at all. The final consequences that the United States will bear may include paying for the entire country. Second, how many of Americas Western allies will support this rampant Anti China move? No country wants the world to be kidnapped by Sino US confrontation..

The decoupling between China and the United States will be limited

Although some American politicians try their best to incite Anti China sentiment, in fact, many American people have already hated this kind of political operation. According to Hong Kongs South China Morning Post on the 25th, Washington confirmed that it had suspended the Fulbright project with the mainland of China and Hong Kong, the highest level international exchange program established by the United States in 1946, and China was the first country to participate in the project. More than 1500 people signed a petition organized by Fulbright project members and alumni, who said the decision to suspend the program was extremely short-sighted and it is precisely because of the current state of us China relations that Fulbrights job is more needed, not less needed.

Foreign Policy magazine of the United States commented that pompeio, Navarro and others are enthusiastic about decoupling between China and the United States, which will inevitably bring huge economic costs. For the average American consumer, decoupling means a sharp rise in the price of cheap products made in China, which will greatly increase the cost of living for Americans. For U.S. companies, decoupling means paying the huge cost of relocation and losing billions of dollars in investment.

German weekly focus said on the 26th that China and the United States urgently need to sit at the table to negotiate. It is said that China and the United States will hold consultations on the second stage economic and trade agreement in August, which may be a turning point. But the South China Morning Post quoted a Chinese government adviser as saying that a new round of trade talks is unlikely to take place given the poor state of relations between the two countries. However, he revealed that Chinas relevant departments responsible for economic and trade affairs held a meeting on July 23 to discuss a series of related issues, including how to increase imports.

The New York Times quoted Bai JieXi, an associate professor of political science at Cornell University, as saying on the 25th that Beijing does not want to wage a full-scale war with the United States, but at least the Chinese government will retaliate and show the world - and the possible Biden administration in the future - that China will not be intimidated or arbitrarily manipulated.. Given the size and integration of the two economies, the decoupling between the two countries will be limited. Tycoons and business executives with great influence in American politics will continue to promote a more moderate approach to China. China is making great progress in science, technology and education, and citizens of the United States and other Western countries will want to share these advances, the report said. Even in his new iron curtain speech, pompeio acknowledged that China has been deeply integrated into the global economy..

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