Pang Xinghuo: the biggest pressure on June 13

 Pang Xinghuo: the biggest pressure on June 13

A novel coronavirus infection prevention and control work in Beijing was held on July 23rd at 16 p.m. in 160th. As usual, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, reported the latest epidemic situation in Beijing on that day.

Since July 23, the daily press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing has been suspended as the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing has been stable and improving. 108, attended 160 press conferences.

Retirement age conference full court June 13, the most stressful day

In the second half of last year, Pang Xinghuo, 60, was ready to retire. Two imported plague cases disrupted her plan. She learned that there were two imported plague cases in China. Pang Xinghuo, who was attending an academic conference abroad, went back to Beijing. As soon as two imported plague patients were settled down, Wuhan had pneumonia of unknown origin. Pang Xinghuo, as a member of the expert group, was urgently called by the National Health Commission to investigate and deal with pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan.

Half a year ago, Pang Xinghuo first appeared at a news conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing. In June this year, as the prevention and control of the clustering epidemic situation triggered by Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing entered a critical period, the new cases reached the peak of 36 cases on June 13 and 14. Pang Xinghuo also felt unprecedented pressure at the regular press conference.

Pang Xinghuo: on June 13, there were more than 30 new cases, which was my most tense one. That days press conference changed from once to twice. Suddenly, I was told that it would be released once at 11:00. At that time, I had more than 20 positive cases, some of which I couldnt finish refining. At that time, I hardly stopped to run to the press hall. The announcement is completed at 11:00 and will be announced at 4:00 p.m. We are under great pressure.

Reporter: what does the moment before you go to the stage mean?

Pang Xinghuo: Im just a publisher. I have a very complete team behind me, trying to prepare for this conference. I cant say anything wrong. I should be accurate and give you correct knowledge and prompt. Through this release, we can tell you that there is no need to panic and that this is a very accurate information released by government channels.

Tell the story to the press conference let everyone know what to do and what not to do

At the press conference attended earlier, Pang Xinghuo regularly released the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, enumerated the process of confirmed cases, and answered relevant questions from reporters. Later, she began to focus on telling the stories of confirmed patients. The stories she told at the press conference often become a hot topic for people to talk about, and then affect peoples prevention and control behavior.

Pang Xinghuo: we found that there are a lot of behaviors that shouldnt appear in the process of streaming. If they dont, they may not get sick. I think we should tell these stories to let everyone know what to do and what not to do.

A confirmed case drove back to his hometown to celebrate the new year, and participated in many gatherings of relatives and friends. After returning to Beijing on the sixth day of the new years day, he went to work on the seventh day of the new year. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed after a lantern festival. A relative of the family was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia. He thought he had a cold symptom and was diagnosed after hospital examination. Because there was no home isolation for 14 days after returning to Beijing, dozens of people in the case unit were isolated as close contacts. What is more noteworthy is that the case did not wear a mask when chatting with others while eating in the canteen, and the chatting object was also detected as positive.

A retired lady in a community was very careful after the epidemic and stayed at home, but she loved playing cards and had a group of card friends. Because they feel that they are safe and will not infect each other, during the Spring Festival, card friends play cards in the chess and card room of the community for five or six days in a row. Soon after, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by the retired woman, which infected her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

After the story was told, the Beijing municipal government closed all the more than 4000 chess and card rooms in Beijing overnight.

On February 9, the 15th press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Shijingshan, Beijing, July 2nd, begins with the video of a woman who is crying over the new crown pneumonia. In the video, a woman in yellow is crying in Wanda Square in Shijingshan, claiming that the new coronavirus test is positive. The woman is then transported by the disease control department to the hospital for isolation and examination. After testing, the woman is asymptomatic. The next day, Pang Xinghuo told the story of the woman at the 140th press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing.

Pang Xinghuo: she has been to many places and went to six hospitals. After isolation, she did not cooperate. I am particularly helpless. Although you have a lot of misfortune, you should put prevention of diseases first. Everyone has the responsibility to maintain social order. We once said that we should not do our own self-discipline in the press conference, so we should not do what we want in the society.

Its known as Internet celebrities that cant be copied but dont want to appear in the press conference all the time

With more and more popularity and influence, some people call Pang Xinghuo an Internet celebrity that cant be copied, and others have launched Pang Xinghuos same model Mask online without permission.

Pang Xinghuo: I can feel your concern and concern. In fact, I hope you know more about the CDC and that such a team is contributing to the health of this city. I dont want to appear at the press conference all the time, because as soon as I appear, I tell the media that there is an epidemic. Therefore, the less I appear, the safer our city is and the more stable it may be in the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Beijings epidemic prevention and control has been downgraded. Her favorite words are

In the eyes of colleagues, Pang Xinghuo is a person who always forgets the time when she starts to work. After 37 years of disease prevention and control, even though she is 61 years old and reaches retirement age, her work is still the whole of her life. She sleeps for two or three hours every day. Although the unit is only five minutes drive away from home, Pang Xinghuo has hardly returned home in half a year. On July 20, Beijing had no newly reported local confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days, and the level of public health emergency response was adjusted from level 2 to level 3.

Pang Xinghuo: I was really relaxed that day. I especially like to watch zeros. There are no new confirmed cases reported today. this is my favorite saying. Now this result is what we want to see most. It is not easy. It is the result obtained through hard work. On the one hand, I hope zero growth is sustainable; on the other hand, I dont want people to think that zero growth is zero risk, and we should maintain a certain sense of prevention and control. People always talk about how to return to normal life. I think we can live as normal as we do, but dont forget personal protection and hygiene habits when you are in normal life. We hope that this awareness will continue to improve, because in addition to the new crown there are other infectious diseases, we also need to wear masks and wash hands, so what we need to do is not to let the epidemic situation be in a high incidence state, so that the whole society can not feel the impact of the epidemic.

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