The man stabbed his wife and mother-in-law with 130000 betrothal debt

 The man stabbed his wife and mother-in-law with 130000 betrothal debt

Free love and marriage

The couple borrowed 130000 betrothal gifts

After investigation, Mu and re are husband and wife relationship, they are married after free love. Due to the familys difficulties, Mu and re discussed when they got married. They jointly borrowed 130000 yuan as a betrothal gift to her parents. After marriage, they worked together to earn money to pay off debts. After their honeymoon, their marriage life tends to be dull. However, the debt of 130000 yuan made their life more difficult, and the quarrel caused by trivial matters followed.

Its the money you spent on marrying your wife. Im useless. You can earn it yourself. In a quarrel between two people, heat Mou excitedly casually said a word. Unexpectedly, the words of his wife left the seeds of hatred in the heart of mu. The money was betrothal money for her parents, which she had agreed to pay back together. Now she said that I would pay it back alone, and my heart couldnt accept it. After arriving at the case, Mu said.

At the beginning of April this year, the birth of the child brought a brief joy to the family. Happiness is followed by a series of living expenses. Under the heavy burden of debt, Mu left home to work to provide the familys expenses. Originally, the husband and wife paid the debt together. Now the wife gave birth to a child at home, and the debt pressure was all on him. Mu thought of what his wife had said before, and his inner anger jumped up again.

Quarrel with his wife after drinking

Out of control, knife attack

At the end of April this year, Mu Mou, who didnt earn money outside, returned home. In the face of her penniless husband, she often says some ugly words. Her sentence its the money that you married your wife. Its useless for me. You have to earn it to pay it back, which often reverberates in Mu Mous ears.

Recently, he went out to drink with others once again, until about 3:00 a.m. when he was drunk, he returned to his home rented at the intersection of niuma market in Xinmin village. His wife was woken up and saw Mu Mou who was drunk again, and had a fierce argument with him.

In the process of the quarrel, in the face of the abuse of heat, the drunken Mu Mou is completely infuriated. He raises his hand and hits his wife in the face, and then takes out a fruit knife to stab his wife. Hot some fear to dodge, later ran out of the house. Wood chase out, found hiding in the stairwell of heat and mother-in-law a Mou, then knife attack. A small knuckle of the left hand was stabbed, heat was stabbed on the head, multiple injuries to the body.

The site environment.

Now, in the iron window, wood on their own behavior regret. At present, Mu has been detained according to law, and the case is being further handled.

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