Premier League - B Fei shoots lingarde to break through the gap, Manchester United 2-0 and Leicester takes third place

 Premier League - B Fei shoots lingarde to break through the gap, Manchester United 2-0 and Leicester takes third place

The ninth minute, Maguire behind the back down ihnacho received the yellow card. The 11th minute, Rushford midfield long pass, Greenwood inserted a 12 yard header to attack the top of the goal. In the 14th minute, Mattic made a mistake in the backcourt pass, tilemans passed the ball, and endidi shot high with his right foot. The first 17 minutes, Thomas left-wing cross, no defense Albright after stopping the ball, 14 yards from the right rib shot deviation. The 25th minute, Leicester City counterattack 3 to 3, ihnacho midfield with the ball to the front of the forbidden area right foot shot, de GEA fumbled ball out, offside Waldi was saved by de gea.

In the 32nd minute, bogba sent a header, Fernandez inserted a single knife to break the goal, but he was offside. In the 34th minute, ihnacho passed the ball, and tillemans right foot low shot on the restricted area line missed. The 41st minute, Thomas left road passes, middle road Waldi 8 yards snatches the spot shoots to hit the deviation. In the 42nd minute, bogbas midfield long pass, Justins header cleared the encirclement and toppled. Rushford stopped the ball, and his right foot shot missed 12 yards. In the first minute of make-up time, Fernandez passed the ball, and Machars left foot low shot was blocked out of the baseline. After the corner kick, Leicester City was not far away, Rushford shot from the right rib 12 yards, Schumacher saved. At the end of the first half, the two teams drew 0-0.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute, Matty made a straight move and machal made a single stroke. However, he hesitated in the restricted area and was destroyed by Justin behind him. The 52nd minute, ihnacho long-range shot was blocked by Maguire. There was a sudden heavy rain in the sky. In the 60th minute, tilemans made a left free kick, and Waldi headed the ball 12 yards from the front point, and the ball hit the right column to pop the baseline. The 61st minute, Thomas left road cross, tillemans 12 yards left foot volley volley was blocked out of the baseline.

In the 63rd minute, lindloff shoved Waldi behind his back and got the yellow card. In the 68th minute, Chaudhry lost the ball in the midfield, United quickly counterattacked, Fernandez straight into the forbidden area, Machar almost single knife into the forbidden area, Evans shoved machal down from the back, the referee gave a penalty kick and showed a yellow card. Fernandez scored from the penalty and United were 1-0 ahead. In the 75th minute, Grays right cross, a leak from Waldis front point, Barnes stopped the ball and shot from 6 yards, and de GEA came.

The 79th minute, Thomas left road passes, the middle road has no defense Morgan 12 yards volley volley kicks the void, after the point gray 12 yards place shot is blocked out. Then Justin right-hand cross, Waldi header high. The 82nd minute, puelat passes, gray shoots from 16 yards on the right flank and touches Maguire to go out of the baseline.

In the 98th minute, Schumacher took the ball against lingarde, Schumacher wanted to cross, was cut off by lingarde, lingarde scored an empty goal, United were 2-0 ahead. In the end, United won 2-0.

Leicester City (352): 1-schmeichel / 2-justin, 5-morgan, 6-evans / 11-albright (737-gray), 20-chaudhry (7326-plait), 25-endi, 8-tillemans (7315-barnes), 56 Thomas / 14-ihnacho (5817-ayoze-peres), 9-valdi United (4231): 1-DE GEA / 29-wan Pisa Ca, 2-lindelo Fu, 5-maguire, 53 Williams / 6-bogba, 31 Mattie / 26 Greenwood (7714-lingarde), 18 Fernandez, 10 Rushford / 9-machar extended reading of the Premier League - Mount free kick, girou 5-kills Chelsea, 2-0 wolves win the Premier League - Los Celso assists Kane to break through 1-1 Crystal Palace to enter the Europa League final result: Manchester United, Chelsea, 33 years old, Waldi wins the gold medal Source of this article: Netease sports Author: Hengshan responsible editor: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656

Leicester City (352): 1-schumacher / 2-justin, 5-morgan, 6-evans / 11-albright (737-gray), 20-chaudhry (7326-pratt), 25-endi, 8-tillemans (7315-barnes), 56-thomas / 14-ihnacho (5817-ayozer-perez), 9-waldi

Manchester United (4231): 1-DE GEA / 29-million Pisa, 2-lindelov, 5-maguire, 53 Williams / 6-bogba, 31-matti / 26-greenwood (7714-lingarde), 18 Fernandez, 10-rushford / 9-marshall