Heartbroken weekend! The 14-year-old girl was beaten and detained for more than 50 hours by four teenagers

 Heartbroken weekend! The 14-year-old girl was beaten and detained for more than 50 hours by four teenagers

Recently, this pair of derelict parents were ordered by the procuratorate to accept compulsory parental education..

The boy left home for three days

On April 19, 2019, a 16-year-old boy named Cheng ran, under the instruction of a 15-year-old Han, beat and illegally detained a 14-year-old girl for more than 50 hours with two accomplices under the age of 16. On March 23 this year, the case was transferred to Zhangjiagang procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

On April 23, the Zhangjiagang municipal procuratorate made a conditional non prosecution decision against Cheng ran, ordered his parents to accept a one-year compulsory parenting education and issued a parental education guidance entrustment letter to Zhangjiagang family education service center.

Sheng min, a prosecutor of Zhangjiagang peoples Procuratorate in Jiangsu Province, said, compulsory parenting education refers to the states compulsory requirement that the parents of criminal minors or minor victims receive professional education and guidance. Its purpose is not only to improve the parents skills and ability to raise their children, but also to urge parents to earnestly perform their duties of guardianship and education.

The prosecutor learned from Cheng Rans parents that Cheng ran was a child who was very low in self-esteem because of his poor academic performance. He went to a skills training school and began to smoke, drink and stay at night after making bad friends. However, his parents did not listen to him.

In the letter of entrustment for parental education guidance issued to the family education service center of Zhangjiagang City, the reasons for ordering the parents to accept parental education guidance were written: the lack of effective supervision over chengrans long-term stay in hotels, not going home to live, careless making friends, smoking and drinking, etc., which led to chengrans criminal behavior.

Zhu Dongmei, a teacher of Zhangjiagang family education service center, also participated in the April 23 non prosecution and admonition. Sheng min, the procurator in charge, introduced the relevant case and social investigation, communicated the problems existing in the family, and drew up a preliminary parenting education program.

Compulsory parenting education

Zhang Bin, a CCTV commentator, said that compulsory parenting education is a way for the state to intervene in family guardianship. In real life, due to their own quality reasons, social reasons, and traditional concepts and other constraints, some parents do not know how to educate their children, and even the extreme phenomenon of parents abandoning their children, which seriously infringes on the rights and interests of minors; some parents are lax in discipline of their children, resulting in minors eventually go astray, so, for incompetent parentsu201c Compulsory parenting education is imperative.

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A 14-year-old girl has been beaten and detained for more than 50 hours by four teenagers. What is even more infuriating is that... (source: Netease)