Wonderful story of famous uncompleted buildings in Kunming: Six doors to go home, no elevator on the 29th floor

 Wonderful story of famous uncompleted buildings in Kunming: Six doors to go home, no elevator on the 29th floor

There are six fire doors to get in and out

The relocation house is divided into refuge floor

Ms. Deng told reporters that every time I go home, I need to take the elevator to the lower half floor of the 30th floor or take the elevator to the upper half floor of the 28th floor.

This is the emergency exit. We open the first door and the second door. When we go downstairs, there is a fire elevator. Then we have to open the fire door, another door, and another door. This is the house we took - 2902. Ms. Deng said.

Under the leadership of Ms. Deng, the reporter experienced this wonderful home road. After getting out of the elevator on the 30th floor, I went down the stairs through the emergency exit, opened and closed the door all the way, and finally arrived at the house that Ms. Deng had drawn after passing through 6 fire doors. On the corridor outside the room, all kinds of pipes are directly suspended in the air, and the lowest floor height is only about 2 meters.

Ms. Deng said helplessly, this is no way to live.

The same thing happened to Ms. Zhu, who was transferred to the 14th floor without a direct elevator. She went home either from the lower half of the 15th floor or from the 13th floor.

Why can appear this kind of exotic house type? Why is there no elevator on the whole floor? After several inquiries, Ms. Deng and Ms. Zhu learned that the house they had taken was the refuge fire-proof layer of the house, so there was no direct elevator, and there were so many fire doors. However, they found that the same house was the same as the one in Moore City, Ma Street. The refuge floor of a building next door not only had a direct elevator, but also separated the three houses from the refuge space.

Developers and journalists hide and seek

The community director said it was in consultation

The reporter inquired and learned that the general height of the high-rise buildings more than 100 meters, will be set for fire safety evacuation evacuation floor, this floor is known as the fire refuge floor.

So, such a special floor, in the end can be used as a return room to draw lots and check in?

We forced the developers to negotiate with us once, but the developers said that they could not transform. We dont want this house. Ms. Deng said that the developers said they had no authority to rebuild their houses or replace their houses. The residents who had taken refuge in the houses had also found the community and District Street offices responsible for drawing house numbers.

Ms. Deng said: the street office asked the developers to change their houses for the residents who had been evacuated to the refuge floor, but more than 10 days later, the developers have not moved.

Subsequently, the reporter found the Property Office of the developer of the mall city in Ma Street.

In the office, the developers and property staff claimed to be in a meeting and asked reporters to wait. But within a few minutes, the whole office was empty and the staff were gone.

The reporter also found the office of the sales center and did not see the relevant responsible person of the developer.

Then, under the guidance of the owner, the reporter found Li Ming, director of the Majie community neighborhood committee. The other side said that the headquarters and the developer were coordinating, and a meeting was being held in these two days to solve the problems of the six households.

According to the community director, the matter is already under negotiation, but when and how to solve it is still unknown.

First, to determine whether to pass the fire inspection

Second, we should make sure whether we can handle the property right certificate

Gu Yongqi, a lawyer of Guohao law firm, said: the setting of refuge floor is normally not allowed to be transformed into a residence. In addition to the purpose of equipment room, of course, if the same floor is set with residential and refuge space, it needs corresponding firewall to separate and pass the fire inspection. In this case, we believe that the owner of the house to be relocated can ask the developer to show them the corresponding evidence of passing the fire examination. The second is to determine whether the house can obtain the property right certificate

If the developer has a corresponding breach of contract, the residents can ask the developer to bear the liability for breach of contract. Second, the developer can be required to replace other houses that meet the fire protection regulations and can obtain the property right certificate on the agreed return area. Gu yongbi said.

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