Easy gas station: its too hard to be a male lion

 Easy gas station: its too hard to be a male lion

2. Asian career choices

1) Teachers

2) Civil servants

3) Doctor

4) Family disgrace

3. Dont lose heart. What youre good at may not have been invented yet.

4. Today, I went to fitness with my best friend. There are many interest classes in the gym. Every elevator is full of students and parents. We managed to squeeze into an elevator and I said casually, there are so many people on Saturday. My best friend said, well, its much easier to force children than to force yourself. Bestie air condenses, I dare not look at the expression of parents in the lift. At this time, a little girl about eight or nine years old looks up to her girlfriends and says, tie the heart, old fellow!

Now I dont care so much, because I have no friends, no supervisors, no lovers, and the dog thinks Im the best. Im old. This is the world of adults.

7. Its really delicious

8. The name of this Burmese official is brother..

9. Taiwan netizens said that the family meow star people have been sitting for a long time as models for children. They are afraid that they will be angry when they see the works

10. When the lioness is in estrus, she will have sex many times a day, 20 to 40 times. At this time, the lioness becomes the dominant party in sexual behavior. If the male lion is tired and cant keep up with the rhythm of the female lion, the female lion will bite the male lions eggs.

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