On the exhibition, the woman sent an article to apologize

 On the exhibition, the woman sent an article to apologize

In the online video, a girl in JK uniform is lying on the ground, posing with the photographer. At this time, a female voice came from the video: where is the security guard? Where is the security guard? Are you sick? Is it necessary for you to come to Manzhan to do this kind of action? Please dont do this kind of action again, dont discredit JK any more.

The girl who was criticized by the female voice was stunned on the spot, and the photographers and others around also stopped their movements.

According to netizens who claimed to be at the scene, the girl might have been tired and said that she wanted to take pictures on the ground because the skirts of JK uniform were relatively short, and some postures were slightly charming from the perspective of some people, so some people came forward to abuse and criticize her.

Related videos have attracted attention and heated discussion on social networks.

In addition to a small number of netizens who supported the party and thought her actions and performance were harmless, most netizens criticized her. Including some industry insiders also believe that the partys actions have tarnished the secondary industry, resulting in wind assessment being victimized.

In particular, a photo taken from the perspective of the clients back has been widely spread, which seems to confirm the accusation of being coquettish by netizens.

She also expressed great anger at all kinds of untrue news from the Internet.

The client stressed that he liked the second-dimensional culture very much and did not want to tarnish the two-dimensional culture. The choice of the photography posture was to enable the photographer to take high-quality photos. He had no way to be considerate, especially I didnt expect that someone would come around to shoot behind me..

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On the morning of the 26th, some netizens continued to cling to this, claiming that they had evidence to prove that the party was engaged in some improper occupation.

In response to her second article, she stressed that her attitude was consistent. Some actions are not acceptable to the public. I can accept your criticism and criticism, but I hope you can be more objective..

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Some netizens think that as long as it is not intentional, the partys behavior can only be regarded as a careless walk, there is no need to criticize, remind attention to privacy and security can be; some netizens think that the partys response is still too far fetched, did not respond to the key point.