Blind boy 635 points in college entrance examination: his father read more than one meter thick test paper for him in three years

 Blind boy 635 points in college entrance examination: his father read more than one meter thick test paper for him in three years

When he knew his college entrance examination results, ang Ziyu, a blind examinee from Anhui Province, wept with his mother, and ang Guoyins eyes were moist.

Ang Ziyu, 19, was diagnosed with primary retinitis pigmentosa when he was 3 years old, a condition that vision gradually declines and cannot be cured. By the time he graduated from primary school, he was almost blind. It also cast a shadow over the whole family.

In order to take part in the college entrance examination, angziyu spent more than three times the average persons study time, studying late into the night every night. Because he often pressed the Braille writing board to practice answering questions, he had a thick cocoon on the palm side of his right hand.

Such achievements can not be achieved without the hardship of parents for more than ten years. Since childhood, his mother accompanied him to read Chinese and foreign masterpieces, poems and songs, and helped him finish his homework. During high school, his father, ang Guoyin, would read the exercises to him almost every night. The papers he had read in the past three years were piled up more than one meter high.

This kind of state let angguoyin once cant bear, but the son study the vigor is very exuberant, he chose to insist. Now, at last, its hard.

Let your child read as long as he can.

Angguoyin and his wife, Ms. Yu, met in college. After graduation in 1998, both were assigned to school as teachers. At the beginning of the millennium, they got married. In January of the following year, her son angziyu was born. As a witness of love, ang Guoyin took his and his wifes surnames as childrens names.

Bad luck came unexpectedly. In 2004, the couple found that the childrens eyes were somewhat different, so they took them to Beijing Tongren Hospital for examination. When doctors told the child that he had a very serious eye disease, primary retinitis pigmentosa (RP), which could lead to progressive blindness, Angkor felt the world was turning grey.

His wife plop knelt down in front of the doctor and begged him to save the child. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease in the world at present, and the doctor has nothing to do.

At that time, I told my wife that we should firmly believe that as long as a child can read, we will always let him read, regardless of whether he can engage in a good career and have a stable income in the future, as long as he can read. Memories of anguoyin.

In September 2007, 6-year-old ang Ziyu studied in a regular class at Shuguang primary school in Hefei. At first, he could barely read the words on the books. By the third grade, his eyesight had dropped dramatically. For this reason, angguoyin inputs all the contents of the textbook into the computer, enlarges the font several times, and then prints it out, a piece of A4 paper has only 100 words.

Fortunately, the child has a good memory and understanding. We help him to do his homework every night, preview his homework, and the next day the teacher will tell it again, so that he can remember it. The bank said. Throughout the primary school stage, ang Ziyus grades were basically in the top three of the class. The teacher also liked him very much, which greatly improved his self-confidence. He had a very full and happy life in primary school..

The metaphor of angzi in life

In 2013, angziyu was recommended to NO.48 middle school in Hefei with the 13th place in the whole school. In October 2015, he was named the first virtue youth in Anhui Province.

Beyond the ordinary peoples pay, bring positive energy to the class

In 2014, when they heard that the 46 year old blind masseuse in Henan Province participated in the general college entrance examination, the family was excited. Taking part in the college entrance examination was the idea of angzi Yu when he was in grade three. When he got to the college entrance examination, he had a holiday. The news was all about publicity, and he thought that the college entrance examination was really important.

But the next situation made angziyu very frustrated, there is no Braille test paper in the high school entrance examination, and we cant help answer the paper by reading questions. For a long time, every time ang Ziyu took part in the exam, his parents or teachers read the questions. After he gave the solution and the answer, he wrote the answer.

Fortunately, the education department in Hefei pointed out a way for angziyu to continue his studies, and went to Qingdao blind school. Qingdao school for the blind uses Braille to teach and organize students to take examinations. He can learn Braille systematically and take part in the college entrance examination later.

Angzi Yu is reading with dot display device

After communication between the education departments of the two places, ang Ziyu signed up three days before the entrance examination of Qingdao blind school. The total score of seven courses was 620, and he got 587, more than 50 points higher than the second place..

The experience of Qingdao school for the blind opened the vision of angziyu. There, he learned how to wash clothes and travel independently, and also mastered the Braille expression of mathematical and chemical graphic symbols. After studying for a year, angziyu felt that the intensity of study was not enough, so he returned to Hefei No.6 middle school to study in regular class. Teacher Zhang of No.6 middle school still remembers the situation when angzi Yuchu arrived in her class. On September 1, 2017, on the first day of school, his father brought him to our class, and he was also the first blind child in our school.

At first, I was worried that he could not keep up with the rhythm of other students, but he adapted very well. After class, he would take the initiative to ask the teacher questions and borrow the students notes to review, Mr. Zhang said. At the same time, Ziyus students are relatively quiet, which has promoted the students quiet learning atmosphere and brought positive energy to the class.

From the first seven hundredth in the school, then three or four hundred, to the top 50 in the late third year of senior high school, angzi Yu proved his strength with his grades. Behind this, there is something ordinary people cant imagine.

In addition to completing the normal course at school, angziyu began to study after dinner at 6:30 every day. Unable to read the handwriting, he had to finish it with the help of his father.

I read the questions of physics and chemistry. He talked about the solutions, and I wrote the answers. This is the homework required by the teacher. If the teacher doesnt ask for the homework, we can tell the answer, ang Guoyin recalled. English is the same, but I dont know some words. I can only spell them one letter at a time. That will be very slow every day After 12 oclock.

Dot display devices and Braille materials used in angzi Yu

Angzi Yus desk is full of real questions and mock tests over the years. If it is more than one meter high, his father read them to him before his first college entrance examination.

Mr. Zhang also remembers that whenever there are school examinations, he can see angzi Yus figure. When other students take the exam in the classroom, he is in a separate office, assisted by his father..

Two college entrance examinations:

The strength of his son infected his father who couldnt move

It was not until early 2019, at the suggestion of teachers in the school for the blind, that angguoyin bought a Braille dot display device and gradually improved its efficiency. However, he still needs to download the college entrance examination questions over the years from the Internet, and convert them into TXT documents, and use U disk to connect the dot display device, so as to facilitate angzi Yu to answer questions in Braille. In the case of the school model test, you need to take photos with your mobile phone and identify them into words. The steps are very complicated.

Soon, the college entrance examination is coming. In April 2019, angziyu applied for the Braille test paper from Anhui Education Examination Institute. A teacher reminded him that we should pay close attention to the practice of Braille test. Ang Guoyin responded and asked Qingdao school for the blind for help and made the usual model test paper into Braille test paper. In two months, angzi Yu felt the two sets of papers more than a hundred times.

On June 7, 2019, angziyu entered the college entrance examination room for the first time. Linear and single-sided printing is not quite the same as the Braille papers I usually do. There are 28 pieces of Chinese, 9 pieces of mathematics, 33 pieces of English, 22 pieces of science and technology, and a graphic pamphlet. Three teachers supervise the examination... He recalled.

Angziyu took part in the college entrance examination for the first time and got 551 points, which was 55 points higher than that of a book. However, he thought that this was not his ideal score. I asked my classmates who played well, and they were at least 50 points higher than me.

Angziyu hopes to enroll as a free normal student and go to a special education school as a teacher

His father quietly filled in the application form for him, but after receiving the admission notice, he insisted on re reading. His parents cant beat him, looking for re reading schools everywhere, but no school can accept..

However, angziyu had to go to his fathers school every day and study in the office according to the school schedule. Because of his outstanding achievements in mathematics and chemistry, he spent more time on Chinese and foreign languages. Every day I brush questions, and I have done more than 170 sets of model examination papers a year..

Later, angguoyin could not hold on to it, but he held on to his childs indefatigable strength. Only when the wife was worried about overwork did the son take a rest.

On July 7 this year, angziyu entered the examination room again. Compared with last year, he is a little more calm, more calm, and more pressure. After the end of all the tests, angguoyin tried to communicate with the children about the examination situation, a check, stable, should be higher than a line about 100 points.

At 10:00 a.m. on the 23rd, after angguoyin entered his sons admission card number and ID card number on the website of the examination institute, the score of 635 points exceeded their expectation. Angziyu and his mother hugged and sobbed, and ang Guoyin could not help but feel moist in his eyes.

I want to apply for the free normal students of Beijing Normal University, and then go to the special education school to be a teacher. Angzi Yu said.

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