3200 points to buy funds, fixed investment or one-time investment?

 3200 points to buy funds, fixed investment or one-time investment?

The data shows that the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen composite index, Shanghai Shenzhen 300, medium and small board index and gem index have increased by 8.57%, 38.36%, 16.77%, 47.63% and 68.25% respectively in the past year. Relatively speaking, the rate of return on fixed investment in recent one year should exceed the performance of Shanghai stock index. According to the daily fund net data statistics of China fund daily, as of July 24, 1219 stock funds (including index type) included in the statistics had a fixed investment income of 26.43% in the past year, while 3177 mixed funds included in the statistics had a fixed investment income of 24.91%. In contrast, the data of the past year shows that the return of one-time investment is better than that of fixed investment.

Galaxy securities data show that the stock funds (including index type) and hybrid funds have achieved 37.99% and 41.49% respectively in the past year. In particular, the stock funds and hybrid funds have a number of fund yields doubled, and fixed investment 1-year return did not appear to double the situation. However, the fixed investment fund is more stable. Taking the stock fund as an example, the proportion of loss of fixed investment in recent one year is only 2.63%, while that of stock fund in recent year is 6.3%.

In the last five years, the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen composite index, Shanghai Shenzhen 300, medium and small board index and gem index have increased by - 12.75%, 4.54%, 18.5%, 2.63% and 3.46%, respectively. The return of fixed investment of funds is considerable. The return of 482 stock funds included in the statistics is 40.3% in recent five years, and the fixed investment return of 1089 mixed funds in the same period also reaches 52.06%, showing a good performance. However, galaxy securities data shows that the stock and mixed types have achieved 40.96% and 61.44% returns in the last five years.

From the comparison of 5-year data, the return rate of one-time layout of active equity funds is better, especially for some star fund managers. The rate of return obviously exceeds the fixed investment level of funds. However, relatively speaking, the fixed investment can smooth the income and risk. Under the environment of continuous fluctuation, the fixed investment is more favorable and has strong anti falling ability. In addition, whether it is a fixed investment or a one-time investment, it is very important to choose excellent funds. Some products have been losing money in the past five years, while many products have gained more than 150% in five years,

Can try one-time + fixed investment

At present, the Shanghai stock index has fallen below 3200. Is it a one-time investment or a fixed investment? Financial people think it can be matched with investment.

In the second half of the year, facing the macro environment of economic growth, weak recovery of corporate profits, loose liquidity (compared with the first half of the year), and more incremental funds, equity assets are still the choice with high cost performance. Zhang Ting, senior Macro Analyst at GESHANG wealth, said that the stock differentiation in the second half of the year will be larger, and the expected earnings will also be reduced accordingly. At present, the valuation of major indexes in the market has been at a relatively high level in history, and the potential income space is going down. From the perspective of emotional indicators, it has entered the period of emotional promotion, but it has not reached the historical extreme value, so the future fluctuation will increase correspondingly. It is suggested that investors should take out 50% of their positions and invest in the low position of the market at one time, and the remaining positions should be put at a certain time. When the market experiences great fluctuation, they should buy and smooth the fluctuation.

At the same time, Zhang Ting said that no matter one-time investment or fixed investment, it is more recommended to choose active management funds with better ability. In the second half of the year, the indexs upward space is relatively limited, and individual stocks are seriously differentiated, which requires fund managers excellent stock selection ability.

Zou Zhuoyu, research director of yingmi fof Research Institute, said that if investors just want to join in the excitement of the current stock market, and expect to make a wave of fast in and out, then this is not a good time. At present, the high level of the stock index has broken through the high point of the first quarter of 2019, and the market volatility has increased recently. At present, the valuation of the popular sectors such as medicine, technology and consumption are also at the historical high level, so it is too difficult to conduct trading operation on equity funds. If investors dont care too much about the short-term market volatility and pursue long-term returns, they can still invest in equity funds at this time point.

As for whether it is a one-time investment or a fixed investment layout, Zou Zhuoyu said that the specific investment method depends on the capital attribute of investors. If it is a large amount of idle capital, it can be invested once after the product selection is made; if the investment fund is the balance part of the regular cash flow, the fixed investment method can be selected. He also suggested that investors with investment experience should give priority to actively managed equity funds. The investors who are short of experience and limited time are advised to choose the passive index fund with wide base index as the tracking target, which has high transparency and low rate. Choosing such fund can ensure that investors will not miss the overall rising market.

Skills in selecting active equity funds

For the selection of active equity funds, also need to pay attention to the style of fund managers, the best choice of stock selection ability of fund managers.

Secondly, Zous fund managers should be aware of the range of fund managers expected investment performance in the market, and whether they can actively understand the range of fund managers expected investment performance in the market Finally, we need to pay attention to the latest position information disclosed by the fund, and have a clear idea of the products stock position, heavy position industry and individual stocks. Avoid product selection only by fund name, or blindly follow the trend to buy new hot money funds.

Fixed investment equity funds can choose funds with stable management style of fund managers, industries with relatively balanced holding stocks and relatively balanced style as the target, so as to avoid missing the gains from the rising market of a single industry or style. Zou said.

Bull market needs to pay attention to stop profit

Zhang Ting said that the biggest risk of fixed investment is that there is no profit stop when the profit is stopped. Generally speaking, the fixed investment and profit stopping should be carried out at the high level of the market, so as to realize the maximization of income. The best choice is to open the fixed investment at the low point of the bear market and stop the profit by the high point of the bull market.

Zou Zhuoyu also said that the fixed investment equity fund needs to adhere to stability, do not blindly choose the timing of the fixed investment operation. It is believed that if the current market situation is good, the fixed investment will be more, and when the market is very bleak, the final result of the above operation may not be worth the loss. Fixed investment needs to sell at the relative high position of the market, so as to ensure that the strategy can obtain better returns. However, the judgment of market high point will be different for each investor.

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