Its the end and the beginning! Tongxi mens basketball team announces Huo Nan as general manager

 Its the end and the beginning! Tongxi mens basketball team announces Huo Nan as general manager

Tongxi mens basketball announcement:

In a turbulent season, tough style gradually takes shape

The past season, for Tongxi mens basketball team, is full of turbulence and suffering. From the beginning to the end, a wave of injuries has plagued the team.

Especially after the second round of CBA, only seven players could play in Tongxi mens basketball team because of injuries. In such a serious downsizing, the outside world generally look down on the situation, Tongxi mens basketball still rely on tenacious fighting spirit and style, successively defeated Tianjin, Shanxi, Jilin and other opponents. In the face of this seasons sudden rise, the strength of the northern control, Tongxi has been fighting to the last moment.

Qiao Wenhan, who joined Tongxi mens basketball team through CBA draft last summer, left the team for a short time in the second round because of his fathers death. However, in the difficult stage of injury invasion, Qiao Wenhan, who had just experienced the pain of his fathers death, returned to the team quickly and contributed 16 points in the match against Shanxi, finally helping the team win the game. He endured the pain of losing his relatives, and the story of fighting for his father moved countless fans.

Qiao Wenhans strong fighting spirit is like the collective portrayal of Tongxi mens basketball team this season.

Although it failed to reach the playoffs, Tongxi mens basketball team still left a lot of impressive memories in the past season. Tongxi once defeated Zhejiang team twice at home and away, which explained the sports spirit of never giving up until the last moment; the team boldly employed new players, such as sun siyao, Li Hongpeng, Wang Rui and other young players, who got important training during the season.

This season, our whole team has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, which is also a great test for everyone, said Cui Wanjun, the coach of Tongxi mens basketball team. But the whole team has never wavered or slackened on the difficulties and played a tenacious and tenacious style. Such experience and process, for the team is a very important harvest and wealth

Huo Nan joins, more changes will happen

Considering the long-term development of the club, Tongxi Club officially decided to appoint Huo Nan as the general manager of the club from now on. Huo Nan has also officially become the first professional manager to serve as the general manager in the history of Tongxi club.

Inviting Huo nan to be the general manager of the club is a decision jointly made by Chen Guangchuan, chairman of Tongxi group, and Chen Xi, vice chairman of Tongxi group. The club also places high expectations on Huo Nan.

Huo Nan played for Beijing Olympic God team, played in CBA League and American ABA League, and was selected into the Chinese mens basketball team. After retiring, Huo Nan never left his beloved basketball career.

Huo Nan has served as the head coach of NBL Beijing Oriental bucks, Hebei Xianglan, Luoyang Jinxing and other teams, and has won the honor of best coach of NBL. Meanwhile, he has long served as a commentary guest of basketball games on mainstream media platforms such as CCTV and Tencent. In addition, Huo Nan has also been engaged in youth training, set up his own basketball training camp, actively explore and cultivate young basketball talents in all parts of the country.

Extensive and in-depth experience in the field of basketball, so that Huo Nan has been fully experienced and improved, but also has the quality of an excellent professional manager. On the one hand, Huo Nan is very familiar with the psychology of athletes, familiar with the objective laws of basketball and professional club operation and management; on the other hand, Huo Nan has rich human resources in the basketball industry. These excellent qualities are important factors to help Tongxi club management become more professional in the future.

I am very grateful to Huo Nanzi for his trust in the future. I will face my work conscientiously and try my best to bring more positive changes to the club and the team in the future

Looking forward to the future

Next season, Tongxi mens basketball team will no longer have three foreign aid qualifications, domestic players will get more opportunities and shoulder more important responsibilities. Tongxi club is also eager to join more excellent domestic players.

In the future, the overall team style of Tongxi mens basketball team will continue to carry forward, focusing on defense and emphasizing team is what this team always adheres to, said Huo Nan, general manager of Tongxi club. But if we want to make the team go further, we need to add more capable and potential players. This years off-season may be a little short compared with the past, but Tongxi clubs thirst for talents is as always

According to the current arrangement of the team, the team will rest and adjust briefly after the end of the season, and then regroup to prepare for the new season.

For Tongxi club, it is the most important task for the management to make every effort to introduce excellent talents in the off-season. I believe that the performance of Tongxi mens basketball team this season has given many fans hope and confidence. Here we are very eager for more excellent players to join us and look forward to working together for a better future, said Huo Nan.