Novel coronavirus pneumonia or effective treatment of new crown pneumonia

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia or effective treatment of new crown pneumonia

It was found that the most effective neutralizing antibody was produced in severe new crown patients who needed mechanical ventilation. He told the British newspaper association that the more seriously ill patients (in the body) have more viruses and last longer, prompting their immune system to produce a stronger response, which is similar to the findings of AIDS research.

He Dayi is the founder of cocktail therapy for AIDS.

The researchers also found that some of the most effective antibodies can adhere to the surface of the spike protein of the new coronavirus, preventing the virus from invading human cells. He Dayi said that the antibody cocktail contains a variety of antibodies, which can help prevent the virus from developing drug resistance.

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He estimates that the production cost of a single dose of the antibody combination is about $50 and can survive in the blood for three to six months. At present, the researchers are still conducting animal in vivo trials and hope to start the phase I clinical safety trial in October. If antibody therapy proves safe, they may start further efficacy trials early next year.

The Guardian reported that the immune response of the elderly is usually weak, and even if a new crown vaccine is available in the coming year, it is still valuable to inject laboratory antibodies that last several months into the public. According to the associated press, the development and approval of antibody therapy usually takes less time than traditional drugs.

Satchedev Sidu, a professor at the University of Toronto in Canada, also plans to start clinical trials of neutralizing antibodies later this year. He believes that the more effective antibodies, the better and having multiple options helps to ensure that as many patients as possible receive multiple therapies..

Sidu also suggested that any country in a position to do so should start producing therapeutic antibodies, and that countries should work together to make patients affordable.

Source: Xinhuanet editor in charge: Wu Yanli_ NBJS6202