Have you ever seen the best football match in history

 Have you ever seen the best football match in history


In the 2000 European Cup, the complacent Czech Republic and the final champion France, one of the top four Holland, were in the same group. Two years later, in the world cup in South Korea and Japan, they lost to Belgium in the playoffs and missed the finals. The young coach, kovanech, was dismissed. His assistant coach, Bruckner, who was 64 years old but had no remarkable experience, took office.

Based on these background, the Czech Republics prospect of going to war is not optimistic, which partly conceals the fact that they are strong and strong. Under Bruckners command, there are not only veteran veterans such as Nedved, bobowski, smichel and Jan Kohler, but also the rising stars such as Rosicky, Cech and Baros. They learned from Bruckner in the youth team and were familiar with the old coachs tactical system.

In the first game against Latvian, Baros and Heinz scored two goals for Czech Republic in the second half, 2-1 without danger, while Holland made a peace with Germany.

In the second round, Germany was forced to draw by Latvian. As long as the Czech Republic defeated the Netherlands, it could lock the top spot in advance. Bruckner and his disciples began to prepare their own revenge plans.

At this time, the Dutch team still has the DNA of full attack and defense, and Bruckner is a firm supporter of offensive football. After being ordered to face the danger, he once played the record of 19 consecutive A-level competitions unbeaten and scored 53 goals, bringing the Czech Republic to the European Cup main match with the momentum of destroying the withered and decaying. Both sides are like two powder kegs that may explode at any time, and only one person is needed to stir up the flames.


Czech start is the usual 4-4-2, goalkeeper Cech, uyfalusi and gilanek partner in the center, left back Jankulovski, right back Grygera, galasech and Rosicky in the midfield, Nedved and boboski separated on two wings, Yang Kohler and barosh double ghost shot.

Edwards Carters Holland played 4-3-3, with goalkeeper van der Sar, centre back Stam and Bauma, left back van Bronckhorst, right back Heitinga, Davis, Koku and Seedorf in the three midfields, left and right forward Robben, van der Meide and van Nistelrooy.

Just one minute after the game, Rosickys imaginative cross from the front of the forbidden area penetrated the Dutch defense line, but the shooting of Jan Kohler fired anti-aircraft guns.

Rosicky complained that Kohler didnt understand his intention, but it set the tone for the whole game: dont take it, hurt each other.

Two minutes later, the excited Czech team made a mistake. Arjen Robben, 20 years old and with hair, made a high-quality free kick. The Czech teams back point leakage was clean, and the header from Bauma left Cech helpless.

The early change of the score makes the rhythm of the match irretrievable. The speed of attack and defense conversion is still rare from todays perspective. When the broadcast camera is still tracking Robben, Nedved has been killed near the Dutch restricted area, and in the blink of an eye, the Dutch team has attacked the front court. At this point, the game has just begun, and such a picture, throughout the next 90 minutes.

This is also the most important reason why the game is called epic level attack by fans. There is no trial, no rhythm control, no shrinking defense. Every time we get the ball, we try to move forward. Even the broadcaster does not dare to insert slow motion playback casually.

The first 19 minutes, Davis sent straight, Robben gra gra behind the space, sent out the second personal assists, van Nistelrooy easily break.

Robben, who was still playing on the left and had no chance to play inside the right, has shown the potential of a world-class star. He is the youngest of the 22 on the field and is also the most dangerous attacking point in Holland.

But before it was time to change players, the situation on the field changed again. Koku made a mistake in the backcourt pass. After breaking the ball, barosh went straight in and shook off Stam and Koku with a flexible pace, and handed the ball to the follow-up Yang Kohler, who was able to push the ball to van der Sar and the score became 1-2.

In this case, 90% of coaches may reconsider whether to change players, but Bruckner is the paranoid 10%. Kohler on one side had just celebrated the goal, while smichel on the other side came on the field immediately. It was only 25 minutes after the game.


In the first 30 minutes after Bruckners adventure, Holland and Czechoslovakia were still in a passionate rhythm, attacking and defending each other: Davis received Robbens pass and the long-range shot was rejected by the goal post, Robben was connected again, van Nistelrooy was dissolved by Cech, bobowskis powerful shot after Nedveds pass was saved by van der Sar, and van Nistelrooys single blade opportunity was destroyed by Rosickys signature sliding shovel.

Until the 58th minute, Edwards Carter made the most famous loss in the history of the European Cup, breaking the balance of the game: replacing Robben, the most active player, and Boswell, a 34 year old veteran who is not good at attacking.

At the end of the match, Robben slapped Boswell viciously, his face full of unwillingness and his words in his mouth. This reaction has shown how difficult it is to understand this exchange. Edwards Carter hoped Boswells play could hold the lead of one goal, but the result was counterproductive, and the Dutch offensive rhythm was completely disrupted.

Robben couldnt help but make complaints about the game: I was disappointed when I was substituted, because I was in good condition at the time, but this is the arrangement of the coach. I can only accept it.

Cruyff fired at Edwards Carter without any formality: its a shame to replace Robben. At first I thought he was injured, but when I saw his expression, I found that it was not at all. He is like a running train, winning the respect of Czech players

But Advocaat always refused to admit that he was wrong: I replaced Robben to strengthen midfield control, you are now saying that my replacement failed, why not see how many opportunities we wasted?

After Robben left the field, Bruckner was acutely aware of the tilt of the balance and decided to add more chips to himself. He took forward Heinz to replace galasech, changed 3-4-3 to continue to attack.

After 10 minutes, the change to increase the attackers hand was effective. Nedved crosses from the left, Jan Kohler does the ball in the chest, behind Baros volleys the dead angle, the score becomes 2-2, the silver haired Bruckner raises his arms.

With the loss of Robbens attack, the weakness of the Dutch defence has been revealed. Nedved proved in a few minutes the ability of the new Mr. kojinqiu: he first made Heitingas second yellow card, forcing Holland to play 10 to 11, then took a free kick to frighten van der Sar in a cold sweat. Then, his violent long-range shot from 35 meters away hit the crossbar again (crossbar: I was scared at that time).

The 88th minute, Rosicky midfield steals, Baros crosswise dribbles to attract the attention of the Dutch defense, Heinz long-range shot was rejected by the brave van der Sar. Bobowski timely inserted after selfless cross, smichel put the ball into the open goal, 3-2.

One year later, Istanbul, who also came on as a substitute, blew the call for Liverpools counterattack with a stunning long-range shot, which is probably the legendary halo.

The Dutchman, who was in a desperate situation, did not give up. Van der Vaart was one step away from breaking Cechs ten fingers. And the Czech team did not mean to delay any time, until the second phase, Heinz is still trying to expand the score.

The Spanish referee Gonzalez, who witnessed the miracle of Istanbul in the future, blew the whistle at the end of the game, and the Czech Republic did not let the victory slip away from his hands. But from a football point of view, there are no losers in the game.

Baros called the fight the best game Ive played in my life. Czech media blesk praised: this ball is far more wonderful than Robbie Williamss concert and Armanis fashion show.


This defeat has finally become the regret of a generation.

In the 2006 World Cup, Jan Kohler was injured accidentally and the Czech group was out. The veteran players led by Nedved began to withdraw from the stage of history. In the 2008 European Cup, Bruckner led the team for the last time, and the script of four years ago was put on again, but the Czech Republic became the background. Nehart scored 2 goals in 3 minutes, Turkey turned the table 2-0 behind, and Czech Republic lost their qualification.

Since then, Czech football has entered a long period of low ebb, and Baros has disappeared. Rosicky has suffered from injuries and has no successor in the new generation. After the 2016 European Cup, Cech and Rosicky also bid farewell to the national team, and the golden generation ended.

At the same time, it is inevitable that these tragic elements will be given to the team. Many people sigh about the decline of Czech football. However, as an immortal flower, who will remember its blooming appearance?

The Czech Republic in 2004 was called the golden generation precisely because their birth was accidental. In retrospect, there are too many talented players in that team that cant be copied: barrosh who moves like a fox, Jan Kohler who cant stop Stam, Nedved, who raises his foot to make the goalkeeper panic, bobowski, whose physical strength is not deep enough, Mr. smichel of the big heart, Rosicky, a heavy metal rock artist, and so on. They all met at the same time and met each other Bruckner, who knew how to make good use of them, fought for the common dream of championship. Although he was defeated in the end, he left a classic enough to be recorded in the history books for later generations. Many years later, you can still take out the video of this game and say to your children:

Look, thats why I like football.