Chen Qianqian tells you: in marriage reason? Its pronoun is out of date

 Chen Qianqian tells you: in marriage reason? Its pronoun is out of date


Why do I mention this specifically? Yes, Han Han once said in no time to meet later that only children fight for right and wrong, and adults only look at the pros and cons. But the premise is that it is not a matter of principle. Otherwise, what else needs to be contested? Right and wrong are clearly in front of you. Even though, there are not many really black and white things in the world. However, the relative is always relative. We are not Schrodingers cat. Do you think thats the truth? Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo proved with their own strength that there is no truth in marriage.


No, no, no, no, I didnt make you turn a blind eye and hear nothing in your marriage. Please dont change the topic. The so-called truth is more often the public says that the public is reasonable, and the woman is reasonable. You are equivalent to talking with each other. Its just a couple, not the pros and cons of a debate. If you have to be reasonable, I can only give you four words - out of time. In the end, it doesnt increase feelings and understanding. If you dont have the art of speaking well, the relationship between husband and wife is getting worse and worse. You cant help being picky and will not give up.


When it comes to untimely, we need to invite the familiar Dongpo residents here. On one occasion, Su Dongpo took a walk in his courtyard after a meal. He suddenly pointed to his abdomen and asked his concubine, who knows what I have here? A maid replied, you are full of articles. Su Dongpo didnt think so. Another maid said, Im full of knowledge. Su Dongpo also shook his head. When she arrived at Wang Chaoyun, she said with a smile: its untimely for a college student. Su Dongpo heard the speech, burst into laughter, praised: know me, only Chaoyun also.


Su Dongpo is a great talent and bachelor, which is beyond reproach. However, in front of many important things, he is not clear. You can see his ups and downs in Guan field. Back in marriage, do couples reason? Look at it clearly. Its reasonable to put double quotation marks on it. This reasoning is more about hurting feelings. If you emphasize your own right, you will naturally emphasize the other partys fault. Theyre all family members, all under the same roof. Do you think this kind of reasoning is really reasonable? No, no, you are out of time.

I have a good friend who is very fond of people who are more serious. In this case, several of our friends will choose to ignore her topic. Why dont you reason with her? Because she felt that she had a lot of sense. Anyway, it was not a matter of principle. Why do we have to fight endlessly? Its better to spend good time on good things. I think its silly to focus on being reasonable.. Ha, even more so in marriage. Why must it be out of time? Its the way for a couple to get along with each other without being reasonable