30 just: man, you cant live up to your wife who started from scratch

 30 just: man, you cant live up to your wife who started from scratch


Coincidentally, Jiang Shuying plays Wang mani. Look at the description of this role in Baidu: a maverick rebel, convinced that she has both beauty and brain, and is always worth better, but she also has her own troubles. She is no longer a queen floating in the clouds, nor is she so tolerant that she has no feelings and pure decoration. Women with flesh and blood and shortcomings are real and lovely. But what I want to talk about this time is not Wang Mani, but a customer she received. A woman who likes to buy vegetables, but makes you look different.

Why, I do not forget such a beautiful supporting actress? Im not envious and jealous of her. I can buy three million precious customized jewelry at once. Instead, her life story is really a textbook. Sorry, its the opposite. It is estimated that more people will think of a lot when they see this aunt. In particular, this is a woman with her husband who started from scratch and worked together. The result is... You or think, these women can sigh: finally keep the clouds open to see the moon. The previous hard work was not in vain, and since then there will be glory and wealth.

High end shopping malls naturally sell high-end goods. On the contrary, there appeared a housewife who was plain dressed, did not dress up and did not decorate. What does this woman, who is in her fifties, just wander around like this? All the other salesmen in the store thought she just came to have a look. After all, this aunt doesnt seem to be rich either. Rich people may not be willing to spend so much money on luxury goods. However, you are quite wrong. Of course, Wang Manni didnt think so much. She just does her part in sales.

From new dresses to fashionable high heels, from new summer designer bags to jewelry. Wang mani is introducing enthusiastically. At last, her aunt stays in the jewelry section - she wants to buy the most expensive customized jewelry. Wang Manni immediately invited her into the VIP room and closed the door behind her. She didnt directly tell her that the jewelry is custom-made and you cant afford it. After all, she hasnt seen them herself; all she knows is that the videos are beautiful. Thats it. Lets meet together to see if its really so beautiful, she said You, do you have money?


Yes, this is my aunts divorce compensation. As for aunt and ex husband, poor husband and wife struggle hard. In a word, after living a rich and free life, she did not expect that there was something wrong with her marriage life: her husband brought back the woman who had been raised outside and offered to divorce. The millions are the divorce compensation. My aunt said, Ive never been willing to buy expensive things. Even the most expensive bag was given by her husband on her wedding anniversary; she still couldnt bear to carry it. But if you dont want to spend it yourself, your man may give it to another woman.