Broken cloud: Yan Yi tells you, what does it matter if a man is single or not

 Broken cloud: Yan Yi tells you, what does it matter if a man is single or not


Well, Im not sure why the author did it. Is it possible to stimulate the desire of the other party to protect by making one of them so weak? Like Jiangting, this Jiangjing flower seems to be able to carry the breath at any time and place. Before the torture, followed by the car accident, still sleeping in bed for two years and four months. Today, its a miracle to be able to walk and jump. By contrast, how brave he should have been before. Time has changed, and his inner reluctance can be imagined. But its good to keep your life, and its good to change your job in the end.



OK, Ill get to the point immediately. Wait a minute. Jiang Ting asked Yan Yi: what is the reason for the failure of this blind date? How come nobody wants this high-quality man? Yan Yi replied: I dont know. Its inexplicable that a womans heart is a needle. Maybe you havent recognized the other half you really expect from your heart. No, no, no, Yan Ji knows who the other half he really expects from his heart. However, Yan Yi thought that he had died three years ago. Now in front of me, its just like a world away.


So, how can we get rid of the bill? Still need to ask, find the person who loves you. Yan Yi cant eat dumplings. He needs to control his food intake and keep his abdominal muscles. Jiang Ting half joked: (Wen / Piaoyu Tung) what do you keep that thing for? Let yourself go. Its not related to your abdominal muscles whether you are single or not. Yans answer is so natural: Im not single, dont I see you? However, Yan Yi has already found Jiangting - so there is no doubt that he took off the list. Too many people have not found the one who loves. So, its still a problem to be single