Gu Jias wife: why would she be divorced if she could help her husband and take care of the housework?

 Gu Jias wife: why would she be divorced if she could help her husband and take care of the housework?


Whats difficult? Many people will say: look, Gu Jia has a good husband and a good son. I dont want to work in the society, but I can be a full-time wife at home. Little do you know, the so-called full-time wife is not as relaxed and comfortable as you think. Are you really just going out with other wives for dinner, chatting, watching movies and doing manicure? I guess you have a deep misunderstanding of stay at home wife. Just take a look at Gu Jia in only thirty, and you will understand that any light and light cloud is the result of someone carrying a heavy load.


Gu Jia is an ideal stay at home wife. What is ideal? That is to say, the call is coming, and the type of war that can be fought. Xu Huashan (Gu Jias husband) is also a capable man. The company has done a good job in the family, the wife and the child. But dont forget, all this is because he has a good wife, Gu Jia. Gu Jia was busy from morning to night. He was as busy as a top for his son and his family. However, it is not enough to be busy just for this home. She also entered the wife circle to pave the way for her husband to make money.



What else do men ask for? Such a woman is already the best in the world, OK. However, men always hope that women can be obedient to themselves, can be obedient to their own words. However, the little woman under the male chauvinism may be able to do so. But women with independent thoughts often regard these as constraints. Two peoples three outlooks are increasingly incompatible, some of them filed for divorce because of this problem. But Gu Jia asked for a divorce only because Xu Huashan was cheating. This is the most easy mistake a man can make. He always makes many mistakes.


So, it has nothing to do with women. You wholeheartedly for this family, for this man, you always take good wife and good mother as your standard of conduct. Its no use. Men are too contradictory. You are so obedient that you think you are stupid. You have such a personality that you feel uncomfortable. The more capable you are, the more he feels you cant control it. Anyway, once he doesnt like you, its all fake. Its wrong to breathe, its wrong to exist. Its best to divorce you, and its ideal to be able to divide property unevenly. Women, good wife is also a sin