Well, just talk nonsense. I hope youre happy. Good night

 Well, just talk nonsense. I hope youre happy. Good night

When times are hard, you can only eat one meal a day, open a salary, and save yourself for your family and friends.

Ideal this thing, it is both great and small, I do not know what shape it is, round or square, but it gives me a little sense of existence.

At one time, they thought that their life was extremely despised by me. In three or five sentences, they could tell who had a wife outside, how much they lost in playing mahjong, how their children made a fortune, how much money the gold necklace around their necks was worth, who owed me a bottle of soy sauce and never paid back

But in the end, I found that I care so much about them. Even though they never really care whether I am happy or not, they never ask me what you want. They are still the whole of my life.

When someone told me about pork and cabbage noodles, I was sure I loved the place.

Its just that this place really doesnt love me.

These worldly sophistication has made me die in a certain spring, that cherry blossom season.

But I want to live, because it is a great thing, great enough, once I can imagine the future of life and my disrespectful, unfilial betrayal, and change into what I expect, I will be excited all night insomnia.

Its a pity that I lack the courage to look at their present life and be happy to buy vegetables for 20 cents a day. I feel that I am dead.

I still want to escape. If I cant, there wont be much left in the world.

Tao follows nature, everything goes with fate, fate or fate. There is always unbearable lightness and heaviness in life.

There are always people who dont care so much about you, but you have to treat them well for a lifetime.

So I often think that what I should be satisfied with is that everything I have is stolen and is a special reward.

Thank you for all the gifts of life to me, good and bad, are rewards and punishments for the right to breathe.

Everything is trivial. Only love can make me feel that even if I have a illusory life, it has been true.

In this way, it will no longer feel how bitter the bitter, but sweet is so sweet.

Fireworks so beautiful, probably only because of the moment.

Thank you. Thank you for all the people who have bothered me, confused me, loved me, hated me, liked you and believed me.

My world, after all, is still too small, a little mood swings, can make me feel so. i m sorry!


u00b7By Feng Xiaoyi