The court implemented the industrial injury compensation case in distress and blocked the use of satellite positioning to find the old Lai.

 The court implemented the industrial injury compensation case in distress and blocked the use of satellite positioning to find the old Lai.

In the peoples Court of Yanshan County, Hebei Province, Li Lihua, deputy executive director of the executive bureau, was obstructed by unidentified people when they were forced to carry out the team. Are they bold or ignorant?

All this has to start with Zhang Xianyun, the application executive.

Help the unloading foot hurt

The employer refused to pay a loss

Zhang Xianyun is the driver of the executive Liu, who is responsible for driving and delivering goods.

In August 2016, Zhang Xianyun accidentally fell off his car while helping to unload the cargo. He suffered a comminuted fracture of his foot and was identified as a Grade 10 disability.

On the second day of hospitalization, Liu, an employer, had spent three thousand yuan in the hospital, and even lost his salary.

After discharge, Zhang Xianyun found Liu, hoping to get some compensation. Who knows Liu not only refused, but also threatened: I court someone, where do you love to tell where to tell...

This offbeat Zhang Xianyuns words did not work, and Zhang Xianyun later brought Liu to court.

In October 2017, the court sentenced Liu to compensate Zhang Xianyun for medical expenses totaling more than 64000 yuan.

The executor refused to perform

The transfer of property in vain against the law

Because of the foot injury can not work, Zhang Xianyun recuperate for more than a year, can only let his wife go out to work to support their families. After Liu decided to pay medical expenses, Liu was reluctant to perform.

In January 4, 2018, Zhang Xianyun once again came to the Yanshan County Peoples court to apply for enforcement of the case.

The Executive Bureau of Yanshan Court conducted a series of inquiries into Lius property through the Internet, but found no property available for execution under his name.

Whats the matter? What about the Laus big van?

According to the license plate number provided by Zhang Xianyun, Li Lihua, deputy director of the Executive Board, came to the Vehicle Management Office of Cangzhou Public Security Bureau to obtain the specific information of the vehicle.

It was verified that the original owner of the truck was indeed the executor Liu, but two days after the courts decision, Liu gave the vehicle to the son-in-law mat.

Li Lihua believed that Liu was suspected of transferring property and refused to take action. He decided to take further measures to arrest him.

Implementing the satellite positioning of the judge

Find the executor through hardship

In January 11, 2018, Li Lihua received a call from Zhang Xianyun: in a parking lot in the county town, he found the large truck that Liu had driven.

Li Lihua immediately arranged for the bailiff and Zhang Xianyun to take turns to be on duty, waiting for Liu to appear in the quiet place.

After two days of staring, the vehicle of the executor remained untouched. Later, Zhang Xianyun applied to the judge to let the bailiff go back to rest for a while and replace the bailiff with his father.

On the afternoon of the next day after the change, the executed Liu appeared in the parking lot, and Zhang Xianyun immediately reported to Li Lihua.

Unfortunately, Liu was not stopped by Zhang Xianyun. When the executive arrived, he saw only the back of the vehicle.

Through satellite positioning, Li Lihua found the trail of the van again in a parking lot 30 kilometers away from the county seat of Yanshan.

The executive board promptly dispatched three vehicles and a large number of police officers to detain vehicles.

And on the way back to the court, a group of people suddenly intercepted half the way, arrogant attitude, claiming to be the owner of the vehicle, unrelated to the case of Zhang Yun Yun, that the court did not have the right to buckle the car.

After 20 minutes of confrontation, the other party took the initiative to leave. The large truck was seized by the court, and the executor Liu began to contact the judge voluntarily to negotiate the issue of the seized vehicle.

Two sides coordinated compensation scheme

The case was finally tied up

After executing the judges persuasion, Lius attitude softened and began to admit his mistakes, but admitted that his economy was also difficult, hoping to pay half of the execution and the rest of the payment in installments.

Zhang Xianyun did not agree to Lius plan, if Liu does not fulfil all the execution, he will apply to the court to refuse to execute judgment, conviction detention Liu.

Later, Li Lihua summoned Zhang Xianyun and his family together to discuss the final solution.

After more than an hour of consultation, the Zhang Xianyun family gradually realized that if Liu did not pay the compensation in a lump sum, he could not have any substantial help for a long time, and finally agreed with Lius payment scheme.

In the witness of the judge, Lius family gave 30 thousand yuan to Zhang Xianyuns hand and promised to pay 6000 yuan per month until the payment was paid.

The net of the law is magnificent, and it is not lost. Liu attempted to escape the law and confront the law, but it was only a fantasy; the Zhang Xianyun family believed in the law and eventually waited for fairness and justice.

At the end of the conflict, both the applicant and the executor feel the warmth beyond the law, which may be the key to solving the difficulties.