Coco Lee denies marriage: still being loved and loved, everything will be OK

 Coco Lee denies marriage: still being loved and loved, everything will be OK

On 520 cyber Valentines day, Coco Lee cut her hair short. Whats more, the article is a little strange:

In 520, I did something for myself. I never dare to cut my head so short... Finally I did it bravely. Feeling is a relief.

Today, not only tell your loved ones that I love you, but also love yourself more. Because this life only oneself accompany forever, so you dont love yourself, love who.

According to common sense, isnt it right to confess to your husband? Suddenly, its strange to say how much I love myself.


Coincidentally, they have come one after another. This is an earlier microblog, and its why people are really worried about CoCo Lee.

It takes a lot of courage and time to heal a broken heart. Courage is not inborn. It needs continuous learning, improvement and striving for from practice. I am still learning and striving for it.

Although there is no mention of anything, why does the lover accompany him to heal the broken heart? Marriage crisis, the world is very noisy.

Yes, everyone has emotions and emotions. Although I dont recommend public figures to show their true feelings on the Internet. But it may be comfortable to say it at that moment. How many words do I want to omit from the ellipsis? If you dont know what youre talking about, you may have a hard time and you may be speechless. There are all kinds of possibilities. People think of Coco Lees marriage for nine years and artificial insemination nine times - all failed. This has a great impact on the body and soul. Will it affect the couples feelings because of this?


In the early morning of July 18, Coco Lee made a voice on the social platform to thank you for your concern

Im still being loved and loved, just as I was in the past, practicing better possibilities.

During the outbreak time, I had more time at home. My second sister Nancy recommended reading a lot of psychological books and videos, and became interested. Hope to share and encourage everyone, the world is not good occasionally, but we should also practice to let ourselves optimistic to face, when you occasionally feel vulnerable is OK! Dont be scared! Tell the people around you what you really are. People who love you will help you find the strength to tide over the difficulties. At the same time, dont forget to support the people you love through the weak moment! Everything will be OK.


Thank you for not mentioning your marriage. But between the lines, there is more optimism and encouragement. Still being loved and loved means more than family and friendship. Coco Lee knows that everyone is most concerned about her love (marriage), and here it is specially pointed out that we should not over guess and worry too much. Love is good and marriage is good. How can everything be plain sailing all the time. Once in a while, its good to complain and have a small mood. Everyone has weak moments, but we must believe that everything will be OK.


The marriage of stars is not easy to maintain. Hope that CoCo Lee, our queen, will get through this weak moment as soon as possible!