This is the street dance 3: Wang Yibos battle blows up the whole audience, watching him dance can show everyone cry

 This is the street dance 3: Wang Yibos battle blows up the whole audience, watching him dance can show everyone cry


Although, there are not too many words about Wang Yibo. But Wang Yibo must pay attention to the latest news at the first time. Although Wang Yibo is not a professional host, he can be called conscientious in day up. Wang Yibo is a half baked racing driver, but directly brought the cup back. Wang Yibo almost does not leave the skateboard, but thats not just pretending to be cool. He belongs to the player who can love and achieve the ultimate interest. How can it be possible without effort? Its like hip-hop dancing. Just give him a place to dance and itll glow.

Maybe, Im more worried about Wang Yibos accidental injury while dancing. Last time I saw the news, he was limping. After watching the new issue of this is hip hop 3, I really understand everything. He was so desperate that he wanted to take an extra towel and give the player a chance. The program team arranged the first dance show for the four captains, and the contestants voted according to their performance. And the final result is: Zhang Yixing first, Wang Jiaer second, Zhong Hanliang third, Wang Yibo fourth! Towel, get the least!


So, Wang Yibo is low open high left? In the eyes of all people, Wang Yibo is a top star and a fan of love beans. When he was the mentor of creation 101, others felt that he was not qualified. Without him, you have seen his real strength. Ive seen a video of Wang Yibo in white and black pants and blindfolded. People say, Gods children are dancing.. I have a deep preference for Wang Yibo. Of course, I hope he can become a champion tutor this time.



Is that far? No, no, No. And then there was yesterdays fight for the ultimate towel. Four netizens in the history of street dance show that they can be recorded in Chinese street dance. These four captains, Zhong Hanliang, may be a little weaker. Other captains, Zhang Yixing and Wang Jiaer, are recognized as excellent artists. Dance, sing, film, master everything. Wang Yibo is the youngest, but he is not soft hearted. Hard hitting is certainly the most primitive method of fighting dance - the creativity and integration with songs are the key.



Zhang Meng: my God, how can Wang Yibo dance? He dances more and more deeply. Watching him dance can make me see cry.

Yes, there is no mistake - this is our favorite Wang Yibo. Watching him dance can show you cry!