Secret corner: Zhang Dongshengs husband, why didnt he refuse to divorce when he had no chance?

 Secret corner: Zhang Dongshengs husband, why didnt he refuse to divorce when he had no chance?


What is humanity here? In the eyes of many people, it is not a matter of ability for a man to make money. A man should have ambition. This ambition, including in the work, including striving for higher social status and so on. Obviously, Zhang Dongsheng is not such a person. He can only teach in the childrens palace, and he cant do more. After all, peoples age and reality are there. Society wont give him a chance. There are more people waiting in line. Zhang Dongsheng just barely supports his family. He is right. The fault lies in the dislike of others.


Society did not give Zhang Dongsheng a chance, nor did his relatives. If the family has a meal, then have a good meal and chat happily. No, he talked about Zhang Dongsheng. What kind of ambition do you let an ordinary teacher have? In front of his relatives, Zhang Dongsheng was left in the cold. His father-in-law and his mother-in-law also disliked Zhang Dongshengs no progress and did not give any support on the marriage between Zhang Dongsheng and Xu Jing. People are dissuade not dissuade division, the two old people are eager to their daughter to leave this loser.


Zhang Dongsheng takes his father-in-law and his mother-in-law to climb the mountain. They are said to be posing for them, but actually they are pushed down the cliff. His purpose was not to hate them. Just think: wife Xu Jing lost a close relative, next will be more dependent on him. Well, I dont think about divorce. The two old people who were doing bad things by the side died. Xu Jing is her own. He thought, this is the opportunity. This change, on the contrary, is beneficial to him. However, Xu Jing did not give him a chance. In the parking lot, Zhang Dongsheng wanted to die in despair.




I sympathize with Zhang Dongsheng, but I absolutely do not support his behavior. No matter what, you cant deprive others of their right to live.

Of course, there is a low configuration version of Zhang Dongsheng.. If the marriage has already died, why do you have to keep it. Please, give yourself a chance