Just 30: delicate poor woman, love at first sight is your biggest illusion

 Just 30: delicate poor woman, love at first sight is your biggest illusion


Its certain that a delicate poor woman doesnt earn much. Baidu tells you: this kind of women, but did not give up the pursuit of refinement, for their yearning for life and things like poor. He is very poor and lives happily. Wang Manni, who is played by Jiang Shuying, is the representative of delicate poverty. It doesnt matter if you are used to being poor. The problem is, Wang man Ni met her own prince charming on the cruise. Such a prince charming looks very beautiful and sensational on the surface. Do you think Liang Zhengxian is Wang manis true love?


As the director of luxury sales, Wang manis customers are also the owners of the company. So, she must not be attracted by ordinary men. On that cruise ship, Liang Zhengxian was also an outstanding man - sorry, just superficial. Scholars have money, leisure and taste. Financial freedom, which is the main factor, coupled with some romantic greasy. Wang Mani, in this way, has no ability to resist at his feet. In my opinion, Wang mani is prostrate at the foot of money and material. She was so excited that she thought she had met true love.


Well, Wang mani and Liang Zhengxian fell in love at first sight on the cruise ship. It can be said that it is more suitable for Wang manis love for Liang Zhengxian at first sight. But she resolutely rejected each other, because they do not live in the same world. Little did he know that Liang Zhengxian had caught up with the land. Go straight to Wang manis shop, and then come to a semi salty show of love. At this moment, Wang manis last line of defense was destroyed. She also asked for leave during working hours and went straight to Liang Zhengxians hotel room. Direct dedication, this speed is really fast. Sister, this is the illusion of love, you know?


Whats wrong with Wang mani? Its wrong to believe in love at first sight. On a cruise ship, its easy to have different emotions when youre alone. Wang mani didnt know the identity and feelings of others, so she was in a big mess. At the same time, he was gentle and gentle, until, later, he found out that Liang Zhengxian was not purely single, but that he had a fiancee. What is Wang mani? Is it a junior born in the sky? The fox spirit that destroys other peoples family happiness? Later, she must have been injured. Come on, who can be weird.