Guo biting is pregnant! Good news to taiguan, Xiang Zuo ruwish got a baby mouse at the age of 36

 Guo biting is pregnant! Good news to taiguan, Xiang Zuo ruwish got a baby mouse at the age of 36


Wedding, very grand. Although, wedding photos more or less with the appearance of the studio. Happy people, how to see how happy. Guo biting, nestling in Xiangzuos side, has what kind of vision for the future? Xiang home is not a powerful family, but a powerful one. To be a daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, there are two biggest difficulties: first, to have a good relationship with family members; second, to be able to open branches and scatter leaves as much as possible. Xiang Zuos love can really give Guo biting the greatest protection. But the real comfort is not so simple. Therefore, Xiang Tais love for Guo biting is really rare.


Some people say that Guo biting looks like Xiang Tai when she was young. Most of the time, Xiang Zuo didnt say anything, but Xiang Tai was the first to defend Guo biting. And a lot of important news was announced to Tai by the government. This time, the news of Guo bitings pregnancy was announced by this mother-in-law happily. From the beginning of the unknown tree, then to Guo bitings sudden mood. People always have doubts about whether Guo biting is pregnant. No way, people care whether she married into a wealthy family, and then whether she can give birth to the family how many children.


He sent his birthday wishes to Zuo

When it comes to the epidemic, what happens naturally becomes very difficult. The epidemic continues, but I will try my best to come to you as soon as possible;

Whether blessing, or slander, we sincerely hope that everyone is happy.

This is not the key, and then Guo biting also sent out a birthday cake blessing at 3 am.

Although too many Reuters knew that Guo biting was already pregnant. But still tweeting so late? She should have a good rest.

This is not the key either. Lets look at the following big news:

The love of the young couple will be like my old couple for more than 40 years. They will love each other and respect each other. Both of them are 36 years old, which is exactly the age of Longwus father. Long Wu is also 36 years old and has Xiang Zuo. You are also willing to give birth to a baby mouse at the age of 36. So its all a coincidence. I wish you happiness and happiness.

36 years old, with a baby rat! It is better to announce this matter to Taitai.

Of course, there are also people who are deeply dissatisfied with Xiangs series of stories. (article / piaoyutang) I think its a private matter. Why do you always talk about it on the Internet. Whats the matter? Even if they dont say it to their families, who will let go of such a good conversation? After dinner, we always have to have a heated discussion. Besides, its a good thing. To be able to have children with someone you love, both Xiang Zuo and Guo biting will be very happy. Guo biting and Xiangzuo are still separated from each other, so take good care of yourself. Dont think too much, tomorrow will be better!