Shanghai rich woman friend circle disdain chain exposure: in fact, your circle, also think you are poor

 Shanghai rich woman friend circle disdain chain exposure: in fact, your circle, also think you are poor

Gu Jia, a 30-year-old with outstanding appearance, graduated from a famous school and started a fireworks company with her husband, and then became a full-time wife.

In order to let the children enter the top private bilingual kindergarten, they just bite their teeth and get a set of super expensive luxury houses.

She wanted to squeeze into the rich wives circle, but was beaten in the face by the cruel reality

There are people outside, and there are days out of the world. There is also a chain of contempt in the circle of friends of the rich wife.

For the first time at the ladies circle party, she wore the most formal dress and carried her most expensive chanel bag.

You said that stool is just a little bit big, and you have to put a bag in the back. Can you sit so crowded?

Gu Jia looked around and found that all the other rich ladies had left their bags several times more expensive than her on the floor.

Gu Jia could only hide the bag behind her in a timid manner, and took pictures with other rich ladies with a stiff expression.

The reality is that, even if they barely squeeze into the upper class circle, eat at the same table with them and learn handicrafts, they will not pay attention to them, and even the circle of friends will be deliberately cut off.

So, in order to get the rich wifes eye treatment, Gu Jia bought a limited edition of Hermes just because the company was in debt and the house was mortgaged to the bank. Only then did Gu Jia step into the rich wifes circle.

There has been a saying on the Internet:

If a straw is tied with cabbage, it is the price of cabbage; if it is tied with hairy crab, it is the price of hairy crab.

So, countless straw, sharpened the head to climb up, just want to tie together with hairy crab.

However, different circles do not really need to be rigid.

Life is not a TV series. Most people are not like Gu Jia, who is on-line and gradually open up.

You who are not at the same level but want to be integrated into it will only ask for nothing in the end.


There is a problem in Zhihu

I only earn 70000 a year, but my wife wants her son to attend a kindergarten with 50000 tuition fees a year. She says that circle is very important. Is it really so important?

The owner works in a 4S shop in a third tier small city, and the average monthly income is only about 6000.

But he cant afford such expensive family expenses. The mortgage costs 30000 yuan a year, and there are all kinds of insurance costs. He can hardly afford to leave any money all year round.

His wife has been scolding him for not promising, not doing, no vision and pattern, he had to ask questions on Zhihu.

In the response area, one of the respondents shared their familys experience of biting their teeth to send their children to an aristocratic school and won 45000 points of praise

Ordinary wage earners jump to barely be able to get into the school, into just the beginning. The English tutoring class of 20000 yuan a year is basically in the newspaper. Do you want to report it or not? In order to save their childrens time, rich mothers give 1000 yuan to their teachers to teach piano lessons at 600 yuan a class. Nike ADIs new and limited shoes can be found on childrens feet, and colorful Kenzo vests at sports meetings. One classmate has allergic rhinitis. Every winter vacation, Yalong Bay Hotel from winter vacation to vacation. One mother said that she found her daughter Secretly at home make-up, girls like red, she bought Dior 999 for children, because ordinary goods do not trust children; the school organizes overseas research activities every year, one year is the United States, 15 days more than 40000, the next year is Singapore, your children participate or not? ......

Children in noble schools are often rich or expensive. The wage earners go in, and they are basically at the bottom of the chain of contempt.

In the long run, not only can not let the child grow better, but will let him fall into the complex of inferiority and anxiety.

If you force yourself into a circle that doesnt belong to you, youll end up squeezing yourself out and not getting any benefits.


His wife had an MBA classmate who was absent from almost every activity during her MBA.

Whether its a dinner party, an inter school competition, a business visit or a party, at least three nights a week, a Saturday or Sunday, are spent on such social activities.

In the words of this classmate, isnt MBA just for networking?

After three years, everyone really knew him, and he always regarded himself as deeply connected.

I often show off around the class. I met my senior brother the day before yesterday and had dinner with a professor last night.

In the end, he had to take an extra year to get his MBA.

By contrast, Mrs. Wang Shimin, the kind of person who took a long time to take part in an activity.

When there was a problem with the printing of her paper, several students helped to deal with it and successfully defended at the last minute.

Satire or not? Those who try hard to accumulate contacts are not paid attention to in the end; those who are not interested in them gain favor from others.

An American sociologist pointed out in the theory of social exchange: any interpersonal relationship is essentially an exchange relationship.

The student, who had been studying MBA for three years, was busy integrating into various circles, but he only forgot to improve his own value.

Your exchangeable value is so low that you will be an outsider even if you force yourself into a circle that doesnt belong to you.

There is a pair of concepts in cognitive breakthrough: Labor popularity and asset popularity.

Labor popularity, you need to maintain at all times in the state of labor, that is, always have to be kind to others.

When he took these things, everyone would turn around him. He was satisfied with the feeling of public support.

However, once the delicious and fun things are gone, everyone will disperse and give him a cold shoulder.

In this case, the relationship is very fragile. It seems to have a lot of popularity, but in fact it disappears as soon as the wind blows.

Li Jiacheng once said that he warned young people:

Dont spend too much valuable time socializing and partying before you are strong enough and good enough. You should spend more time reading, improving professional skills, and meeting your customers more. Give up those useless social intercourse, improve yourself, and your world will be bigger.

Cultivate yourself first, then you can find the right circle.

Be your own nobleman.

Lets encourage each other.