Those disappeared girls are a chronic poison to the society

 Those disappeared girls are a chronic poison to the society

Not only in the forum, but also on a video app, which is known to be popular among young people, the number of such topics broadcast is nearly 100 million. Under the boy video with the highest number of topic broadcast, nearly 10000 mothers to be worship the temple online. At that time, it was just a large-scale Internet man Bao scene. We must have a son seems to be the just need of this magic cyberspace. In the post and message, the decadent ideas such as inheriting the family and continuing incense are revealed.

This video clip is about how I feel when I know I have a terminal illness. There is an impressive one in it:

When a 22-year-old girl named Daquan wanted to go to a big hospital for treatment when she found out that she was suffering from a disease, her mother and relatives told her:

Only her father said to her

Check it out.

His father had not finished speaking, but his mother scolded him

She doesnt know, and you dont know!

And the reason why they think that is because they have a younger brother at home

In what age is it that men are more important than women? But if you look into it carefully, there are a lot of things like son preference in this era.

On a website, there was an advertisement involving sexism. On the advertisement leaflet, there were some dazzling words: what to do with a daughter? For a second child, use alkali pregnancy treasure..

I have seen this kind of advertisement, not once or twice. Some of the advertising words are even more ridiculous: if you wish, you can inherit your family..


And you can see many similar products

Although these stores are not as arrogant as the previous advertisement, they only introduce supplementary nutrition and pregnancy preparation in the text, but in the publicity map and user evaluation, the tendency of giving birth to a boy is still very obvious.

My colleagues can have sons by eating this, so I bought it.

My relatives ate this to have sons, so I did.

I want to carry on from generation to generation, so I want to buy it.

By the way, to give you popular science, the decision of gender is only related to whether the sex chromosome is x or Y, and has nothing to do with the physical pH. Whats more, the Y chromosome is provided by the man, that is to say, what a woman gives birth to is determined by the man.

And then by taking certain foods, you cant change the acid-base environment. Because no matter what food you take, you have to enter our stomach at the first time, and then alkaline things will be neutralized by gastric acid.

If you really break the acid-base balance, it can only show that you are not in good health, you may have a disease, or even life-threatening.

So when I see the comments of some treasure shop owners, the first reaction is definitely to brush out the praise.

Of course, from the side reaction, there is no buyer where the seller. Whats more, we cant deny that in real life, there are many people who want to have sons in order to continue the incense and fire and carry on the family line. They would rather not be bothered by their troubles, but also want to produce a belt.

Such a thing is not an exception! In another post, there is a mother who wants to give birth to a boy.

The mother said that she had tried every means to give birth to a boy from the first birth, but had a girl, so she was very disappointed.

The second child was a girl again, so I didnt feel confident.

If its a boy, it wont have to be so hard.

Is it possible to understand that if you cant have a man all the time, you have to keep on giving birth to him?

Finally, she even said:

If I dont want to have a girl, Ill suffer.

You can see how many things they have done in order to give birth to a son. Some people go to have a son injection in order to have a son.

Some people hang Realgar on the navel in order to have a son

Here is a reminder that realgar can lead to fetal malformation, under long-term contact, it may also produce severe toxicity, but there are still some people with a fluke mind to try.

Some people take a drug called Zhuan Tai Wan in order to have a son. It is estimated that they want to use the pill to change the gender of the child.

Of course, most of them want to transfer girls to boys

However, this so-called zhuantaiwan is actually a folk prescription. Most hormone based drugs can not achieve the so-called transfer, and may even have a serious impact on the uterus and fetus.

In order to give birth to a son, a needle was inserted into the baby girl

In fact, there is a topic called what is the phenomenon of valuing men over women in China, in which one of the respondents answered.

As long as the locals have a daughter, they throw it away until they have a boy.

In general, the ratio of men and women should be 1:1, but according to the sixth national census, the proportion of men and women aged 10-14 is as high as 185:100.

Those who dont give birth to boys and those who dont want to be boys are not afraid that the born prince will not be able to marry a daughter-in-law in the future?

Are we people born in the 21st century to think about the importance of gender equality?

Of course, the real equality between men and women is not to hold women trampling on men. The real gender equality is not to create a sense of superiority or inferiority complex for any gender.