8 year old twins drowned in beach banned swimming residents: no one here

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 8 year old twins drowned in beach banned swimming residents: no one here

On the same day, the heavy case group 37 learned that the beach was forbidden to swim in the irregular baths. Local residents said that the fishing nets, undercurrents, reefs and wind waves in the sea area were likely to be dangerous, but many tourists still played and even went down to the sea. A number of local authorities have said that the beach of the informal bathing beach is not within the scope of its management.

In August 6th, twin girls were salvaged in Qingdao. In August 5th, the 8 year old twin sister of Beijing, who was playing at the seaside of Qingdao, has been found. Graphic / visual China

Mother played two children with cell phones and disappeared.

On August 5th, at about 3 p.m., a pair of 8 - year - old twin sisters Pei Yuanjin and Pei Yuantong in Beijing were lost on the beach in Shandong, Qingdao, Huangdao district. The two sisters were about 1.2 meters in height, when they lost their swimsuits and did not wear shoes. Yesterday, such a tracing message was widely spread in the circle of friends. The safety of twin girls affected many peoples hearts.

Pei Yuanjin and Pei Yuantong sisters are looking for an inspiration. Network picture

Ms. Chen, the mother of the child, said in an interview with the media that she took her daughter to play on the beach in the afternoon of August 5th, at about 3 p.m., and saw two children and other children digging sand together, waiting for her to see the two eyes and a friend circle and suddenly found the child lost. My first reaction is whether they will go to the beach because they sometimes go to the sand on the toys.

Ms. Chen, after searching for more than an hour along the coast, did not find two children. After the alarm was sent to the police station, she also posted information on the Internet.

The childs aunt recalled that she had a WeChat chat with Ms. Chen before she learned that the child could not find it for a few minutes. The waves were not big at the time, and there were three other tourists on the beach, except for her mother and daughter. Besides, there are people swimming in the sea, but the people who asked them all didnt see the little girl.

Two girl remains found in Yu Hai

Because two children wore swimsuits and wore no shoes, the family judged their children lost. But we checked the surveillance video and did not find any information about the children.

News is widely spread on social networks, and many people spontaneously help forward forwarding messages and inquire enthusiastically. At 10:00 a.m., Lingshan Border Guard Police Station staff confirmed the truth of the news, and said that received a lot of enthusiastic calls from citizens. After the incident, police and Shan Hai rescue workers rushed to the scene for rescue.

Ms Chans mobile phone number has been released and has been in a busy state. A friend of Ms. Chen said this morning that from the evening of 5 to 6, she was constantly answering the telephone of the enthusiastic citizens, and Ms. Chen left the phone for them to answer and go out for them. Many enthusiastic people are calling to inquire, but unfortunately there are very few effective information available.

Huangdao District Public Security Bureau announced the news of the death of two girls. Micro-blog screenshot


People who do not swim on the beach are called unmanned

In the incident on the beach opposite the shop Wang Dong (alias) introduced, the night of the incident, the police had brought people to the door to post peoples notice. Wang Dong said that the beach was an irregular bathing, although there was a sign on the beach to ban swimming, many people turned a blind eye, and many tourists have been on the beach since the summer. A few steps down the stairs and you can see the sea. There are fewer people here than in the bathroom. Many people stay in hotels nearby for this reason.

So, in summer, especially during the summer, Wang Dong always sees parents playing with children and sand - playing tools and swimmers on the beach or down to the sea, but he hasnt seen the staff reminding the tourists.

Mr. Wei, a nearby resident, said that a few years ago the beach area of the incident office was very small, and after development and real estate construction, the beach area was much larger than before. But Mr Wei said the locals would not play in similar wild baths for safety reasons. There are no shark nets, and undercurrents, reefs and waves are all dangerous. We wont play. And the most important thing is that no one is in charge here. In case of any accident, there are no safety personnel like regular baths.

Who is to manage the beach?

Huangdao District Bureau of Urban Management Bureau staff told the heavy case group 37, the Department is only responsible for the management of the regular baths in the area, the irregular baths are not within the management of the beach.

Qingdao West Coast New Area Public Complaints Hotline staff, irregular bathing beaches are managed by subdistrict offices. Usually, street offices will set up signs on the beach as well as staff patrolling and reminding.

The beach opposite the Wanda hall is in the Lingshan Wei Street office in Huangdao district. The street office workers say that although it is in the District, it belongs to the management of the Qingdao west coast development group. Case number 37 asked the management of the Qingdao West Coast Development Group on the beach, and no reply was received.

The forbidden sign on the beach in Qingdao, August 6th. Graphic / visual China


At 6:00 p.m. on Aug. 6, the CCU Dialogue No. 37 just ended the search for and rescue of missing twins, the head of the Shanhai State Rescue Alliance, Xu Gongan. When searching, I hope that the children will eventually be found on land. Xu felt sorry for the final result.

Case 37: when did you hear about the missing child and start rescuing?

Xu Gongan: around 5 p.m. on the afternoon of 4, we heard the news of the missing child from the police. I shouted in our league, and soon some people joined the scene, sailed and dive to the sea for rescue, but it may be because of the tide, and there was no result.

By the night of the 5, nearly 20 of us, together with the public security and border defense departments, searched for information from the land to the sea for people. The search has been from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon. All of us have been staying up for more than 20 hours.

Xu Gongan: just beginning to listen to the childrens parents narration, plus some Internet news confusion, we think the children may be lost.

We worked with the public security department to collect and check all the monitoring videos around the night, but we did not find any information about the two children. In the early hours, we speculated that the child might be in the water. But to be honest, we didnt want to find children in the sea at all. We preferred to waste our time at sea and finally find two children on land.

No. 37: where did you find two children?

Xu: Because there were many fishing nets and undercurrents under the water in front of the accident, the visibility of the sea water was very low, which made it difficult for us to search and rescue. More than 11 a.m., we saw a body exposed about 150 meters from the shore, and then we found a girl and rescued her ashore. The parents confirmed that the rescued child was an elder sister. We did not find our sister around.

At 3 in the afternoon, the tide went down again. In almost the same place, we found our sister and dragged her up. We speculated that the younger sister should have been caught by underwater fishing nets, so it did not surface.

Case number 37: have there been any similar cases before?

Xu Gongan: this piece of water is located just between a persons Island and the coast, the flow rate is relatively large, there are still dark current, silt, fishing net and so on. The situation is more complicated. The tide is more dangerous when the tide is rising and the tide is falling.

We have participated in the rescue many times in this area, most of which are tourists. I remember rescuing an adult here last year. He was trapped in mud and his legs could not be pulled out. Fortunately, at that time, when the ebb tide was low, the water level was relatively low, and if it was high tide, it would not be saved.

We all know where the local people are safe, where not safe, but many visitors to the sea do not know much about the sea, lack of safety awareness, it is easy to cause trouble.

August 6th, twin girls search and rescue scene in Qingdao. Graphic / visual China

The source of this article is: No. 37 editor in chief of case group: Xun Jianguo _NN7379